AFL Phantom Draft 2009

AFL Phantom Draft 2009

Tom Scully has been touted at the Number 1 pick for almost the entire season. His never say die attitude has made him impossible to resist. Trengove however has come via a different rout. After rejecting an offer to play state football with SA in 2008 to attend a cricket trip in the UK, Trengove’s position within the AFL system was still undecided. However strong performances in the National Carnival where he lead SA to 2nd place, and strong BOG performances in the latter stages of the SANFL season with his club side Sturt, have lead many to tout him on par with Scully.

Below these two are a host of players with considerable potential. Yes, 2009 will be remembered as the first compromised draft with the drafting age being lifted 4 months making eligible players 18. However don’t under estimate the class of 09. Time will reveal its true potential.

-Fan Based Phantom on Power Stiffs, includes RevShinboner from Roo Beauty; Ryan (Me) from Newsionary; and bonzaburgers, swans4eva, EagleMan87, bombersno1, eth-dog, RPetterd15, Jeremias, and GrandBlue all from BigFooty.
Power Stiff Fan Phantom
-After reading Matt Burgans Comments on AFL Website I believe he has chosen his first Round in no particular order.
-Emma Qualye Tweeted some thoughts on certain players
Matt Burgan 17 Most Likely
Emma Quayle Top 25
Emma Quayle First Round

Priority Pick
Pick 1 – Melbourne – Melbourne – Tom Scully
DOB: 15/05/91, Height: 182cm, Weight: 74kg

Draft Range:1-2

Tom is a fantastic player who should fill out once he joins an AFL club. His vision is 2nd to non and will be selected first. He runs like Chris Judd. Hard, uncompromising and potential future leader of the Demons. With this quality being injected into the Demons side, success is just around the corner.
Others Considered: Jack Trengove

Round 1

Pick 2 – Melbourne – Jack Trengove
DOB: 02/09/91, Height: 185cm, Weight: 82

Draft Range:1-3
I have chosen Jack at pick two even though I believe he is the best player in this draft. His performances against Men in the SANFL in the latter stages were amazing. Some have stated his performances were the best by any junior since Buckley. Huge raps when you consider the calibre of player too come from SA in that time. Jack leads by example and will not be overlooked by the Dees.
Others Considered: No one

Pick 3 – Richmond – Dustin Martin
DOB: 26/06/91, Height: 187cm, Weight: 86kg

Draft Range:2-4
It appears Martin is penciled in at pick three. Whether or not he is the 3rd best player is debatable, however he will be one first round pick Richmond should get right.
Others Considered: Cunnington, Butcher

Pick 4 – Fremantle – Anthony Morabito
DOB: 29/10/91, Height: 190cm, Weight: 90kg

Draft Range:3-7
People compare him to Adam Goodes and if Morabito can be half as good, Fremantle will have secured a fantastic player. Being local tips the ledger, Morabito is staying in WA with Fremantle.
Others Considered: Butcher, Lucas and Rohan

Pick 5 – North Melbourne – Ben Cunnington
DOB: 30/06/91, Height: 186cm, Weight: 84kg
Hard determined Football who hates getting beaten 1-on-1. His 5-goal haul late in the season highlights his ability both in the middle and pinch-hitting up forward.

Pick 6 – Sydney – Gary Rohan
DOB: 07/06/91, Height: 186cm, Weight: 79kg

Draft Range:5-13
Many have Rohan pushing top 5 I am of the belief he could fall anywhere from 5 -16. He is explosive and proved at the draft camp he has one of the most reliable kicks out of this years batch of draftees.
Others Considered:Lucas, Stevens, Melksham

Pick 7 – West Coast – Brad Sheppard – 187cm 78kg
Draft Range:4-17
Sheppard is the player that can play multiple roles. He is a strong HBF/Midfielder who can break lines and set up many plays. Not only is he tough, he is a smart user. Has been touted as a possible first round for some time, but has risen to Pick 7 as he will not be available by the time the Eagles have their next selection.
Others Considered: Jetta, Lucas

Pick 8 – Port Adelaide – John Butcher – 197cm/83kg
Draft Range:4-12
Butcher is an interesting choice. Poor goal kicking has lead many recruiters having question whether Butcher will make a good forward. My opinion is that Goal Kicking is fixable, He has Strong hands and is good on a lead. Could finally have a long term replacement for Tredrea.
Others Considered: Talia, Black

Pick 9 – Port Adelaide – Andrew Moore – 188cm/81kg
Draft Range:15-26
Moore is a versitile player who has been likened to Ryan O’Keefe. I don’t see any major issues with his play and would be handy anywhere on the ground. He has the ability to play in the midfield as should not be overlooked.
Others Considered: Melksham, Stevens

Pick 10 – Essendon – Jake Melksham – 182cm/70kg
Draft Range:8-17
Melksham showed his potential in the TAC Grand Final with a BOG performance. Melksham provides inside and outside ability. Compliments a young developing midfield.
Others Considered:Stevens

Pick 11 – Melbourne – Jasper McMillan-Pittard 185cm/72kg
Draft Range:13-30’s
By all reports impressed a few clubs in interviews. Could be a Bolter at Adelaide (13) or Sydney (14) Very intelligent individual who should fill out and become a good defender/midfielder.
Others Considered: Black, Talia

Pick 12 – Carlton – Daniel Talia – 195cm/82kg
Draft Range:8-17
Talia is an interesting proposition. For some reason many have pigeonholed him as a defender. I see Talia as a KPP who play forward. He has the athleticism to become an all round player. Talia is the best available KPP.
Others Considered: Black

Pick 13 – Adelaide – Aaron Black – 192cm/82kg
Draft Range:7-23
The WA lad is a bolter. Some players are just late developers and Black appears to have come seriously into consideration by many. He is a KPP/Tall Midfielder.
Others Considered: Talia

Pick 14 – Sydney – Koby Stevens – 186cm/78kg
Draft Range:10-17
He wins the contested ball and has tremendous work rate. To me he appears the ideal fit. Can be seen as a long tern replacement for Kirk
Others Considered: Lucas, Sheppard

Pick 15 – Western Bulldogs – Lewis Jetta – 178cm/72kg
Draft Range:7-22
Jetta is an explosive wingman who has the ability to split a team in half with his skill. Gives the Dogs run and will compliment its strong inside players with outside run.
Others Considered: Carlise

Pick 16 – Port Adelaide – Kane Lucas – 188cm/79kg
Draft Range:4-16
Lucas is a quality player who can play a variety of positions; Confident individual.
Other Considered: Tapscott, Colyer

Pick 17 – Geelong – Callum Bartlett – 179cm/75kg

Draft Range 13 – 33
Bartlett without injuries would be touted top 10. He is Quick, Agile and can break lines with precise kicking or with dashing runs. His time rehabilitating with the Cats would have shown them his immense work ethic and character. The Cats have a history of Drafting injured stars (Selwood) and should not let Bartlett a Geelong local slide any further.
Others Considered: Carlise, Vardy

Round 2

Pick 18 – Melbourne – Nathan Vardy – 198/92kg
Draft Range:18-34
Dominated games in the TAC Cup and a Ruckman/Forward is required. Tapscott is also a possibility at Pick 18.

Pick 19 – Richmond – Jake Carlisle – 197cm/85kg
Draft Range:11-22
After going with small (Martin) with its first pick I feel Richmond will look tall with its second pick. Carlise will give Richmond a commanding target up forward to support Riewoldt or hold a key position in defence.

Pick 20 – Fremantle – Nat Fyfe
DOB: 18/09/91, Height: 186cm, Weight: 73kg

Fyfe is a dynamic forward who has been likened to Stevie Johnson. Kicked 6 goals late in the season that should see him go within the first 2 rounds.

Pick 21 – North Melbourne – Luke Tapscott – 180cm/86kg
Draft Range:8-22
Tapscott is a slider who many believe could go to Port with pick 16. He has a booming leg and will be a very solid player the only reason I feel he will slide is because it appears he does not have as much development as others around him. This is your classic Daniel Rich scenario.

Pick 22 – West Coast – Ryan Bastinac – 183cm/74kg
Draft Range:16-28
Bastinac is an elite runner. He provides West Coast with a quality midfield option in the future. Arguably the best kick in the Draft.

Pick 23 – West Coast – Trent Dennis-Lane
DOB: 30/08/88, Height: 182cm, Weight: 74kg
Dennis-Lane is a bolter however if the Eagles are to select him they must go now as they have no remaining picks after 23. He is a small forward who kicked 57 goals in the WAFL this season. Ideal replacement for Lecras.

Pick 24 – Essendon – Jordon Gysberts – 188cm/83kg
Draft Range:16-33
Gysberts is a tall midfielder who is quite a good tackler. Already quite solid and could be AFL ready straight up.

Pick 25 – North Melbourne – Allen Christensen
DOB: 19/05/91, Height: 176cm, Weight: 75kg

Christensen is a small hard nosed midfielder with an acute sight for goal. He can win contested ball and averaged 26 touches at the National Carnival.

Pick 26 – Essendon – Mitch Duncan – 188cm/81kg

Draft Range – 13 – 29
Duncan is a hard runner with leadership qualities and can play multiple roles. While there are higher touted players remaining, Duncan provides a difference that others can’t bring. At 188cm he is very good at ground for his size and very strong overhead.

Pick 27 – Brisbance – Daniel Menzel
DOB: 13/09/91, Height: 185cm, Weight: 77kg

Great efficiency by foot and ability to play multiple roles will see Menzel go here.

Pick 28 – Geelong – Joseph Dare
DOB: 17/10/92, Height: 188cm, Weight: 81kg

Versatile player who is seen as the ideal long term replacement for Milburn.

Pick 29 – Adelaide – Jack Gunston
DOB: 16/10/91, Height: 191cm, Weight: 74kg

Versatile KPP who has been heavily linked with the Crows and North. Strong over head.

Pick 30 – Collingwood – Luke Ball
DOB: 25/05/84, Height: 183cm, Weight: 84kg

Draft Range: Melbourne (18, 34) Essendon (24, 26)
Former Captain of St. Kilda he was limited by rotations to 50% Game Time in the grand final, however still amassed over 20 possessions. Nice fit into Collingwoods Midfield

Pick 31 – Western Bulldogs – Ben Griffiths 198cm/98kg
Huge lad who has missed parts of the season with injury. He is a strong and could play Ruck/KPP in the future.

Pick 32 – St. Kilda – Nicholas Winmar
DOB: 27/04/91, Height: 190cm, Weight: 78kg
Adds run of Half back more then just a romantic notion selection.

Pick 33 – Essendon – Travis Colyer – 175cm/73kg
Draft Range:20-39
Colyer has explosive speed and solid intensity at the ball. Touted by many as a top 20 pick he adds another dimension at the Dons evolving midfield.

Round 3

Pick 34 – Melbourne – Max Gawn
DOB: 28/12/91, Height: 208cm, Weight: 104kg
Gawn is difficult to place as teams needing ruckman do not have selections available. Melbourne are said to be Hot on this kid. Jamar is servicable, Meesen has potential.

Pick 35 – Richmond – Jamie Macmillan
DOB: 29/09/91, Height: 188cm, Weight: 81kg

Troy Taylor – 189cm/77kg
Draft Range:16-36
Taylor is a difficult player to position. Off field issues aside he is one of the more skillful players in this draft. At 189cm he is not you typical KPP and may develop into a Daniel Motlop/ Michael O’Louglin type forward.

Pick 36 – Fremantle – Troy Taylor – 189cm/77kg
Draft Range:16-36
Taylor is a difficult player to position. Off field issues aside he is one of the more skillful players in this draft. At 189cm he is not you typical KPP and may develop into a Daniel Motlop/ Michael O’Louglin type forward.

Pick 37 North Melbourne – Josh Thomas
DOB: 01/10/91, Height: 176cm, Weight: 74kg

Queensland lad who rejected an offer to play with GC17. He is a contested ball winner.

Pick 38 – Sydney – Sam Reid – 192cm/84kg
Draft Range:Mid 20’s-Late
Good vertical leap and Athleticism. Another I strongly considered was Dylan Grimes who at 192/81kg is more a defensive player then his brother and would be more inclined to follow a set defensive role within the team. By all reports his interviews were impressive at draft camp. I see this as a real toss up between Reid, Grimes and possibly Craig as a KPP.

Pick 39 – Hawthorn – James Craig
DOB: 18/04/91, Height: 195cm Weight: 92kg
Played in the Ruck at the National Carnival, possesses high vertical leap and could be formed into a gorilla defender.

Pick 40 – Geelong – Matthew Panos – 192cm/85kg
Draft Range:16-37
Panos is a tall forward with solid skill. If Port Adelaide had retained pick 24 I think he would have been long gone. I have had Matthew Panos (SA) penciled in for this selection for a month and it may still eventuate that way.

Pick 41 North Melbourne – Majak Daw
DOB: 11/03/91, Height: 194cm, Weight: 89kg

Sudanese immigrant who possesses amazing physical attributes. Still learning the game but could develop into a genuine KPF.

Pick 42 – Geelong – Gerrick Weedon
DOB: 25/05/91, Height: 186cm, Weight: 80kg
Strong overhead can play multiple roles including half back or forward pocket.

Pick 43 – Carlton – Matthew Dea
DOB: 13/10/91, Height: 186cm, Weight: 83kg
Comes from a basketball background, Dea has tremendous vertical leap.

Pick 44 – Richmond – Jesse Crichton
DOB: 18/06/91, Height: 184cm, Weight: 72kg
Hard at it inside player, Crichton is Tasmania’s best talent in 09

Pick 45 – Adelaide – Christian Howard
DOB: 19/03/91, Height: 184cm, Weight: 81kg
Dashing half back with accurate kicking skills.

What are your thoughts? Who will go Number 1? What Player does your side need?

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