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NAB Challenge: Cats v Pies

NAB Challenge: Cats v Pies

Here are the DreamTeam scores from Last nights NAB Challenge game.

Geelong def Collingwood

Player DreamTeam
Corey Enright 128
Mathew Stokes 117
Cameron Guthrie 95
Steve Johnson 94
Harry Taylor 94
Mitch Duncan 89
James Kelly 87
Travis Varcoe 85
Josh Caddy 84
Andrew Mackie 81
Taylor Hunt 81
Jimmy Bartel 79
Mitchell W. Brown 78
Tom Hawkins 74
Billie Smedts 73
Jared Rivers 72
Tom Lonergan 68
Lincoln McCarthy 59
Jordan Schroder 56
Joshua Walker 53
Dawson Simpson 50
George Horlin-Smith 46
Mark Blicavs 43
George Burbury 42
Nathan Vardy 41
Jesse Stringer 0
Player DreamTeam
Steele Sidebottom 117
Taylor Adams 116
Dayne Beams 109
Jamie Elliott 100
Scott Pendlebury 99
Brent Macaffer 90
Luke Ball 89
Harry O’Brien 83
Ben Kennedy 77
Brodie Grundy 74
Quinten Lynch 73
Tony Armstrong 70
Jackson Ramsay 70
Jesse White 64
Marley Williams 57
Marty Clarke 53
Peter Yagmoor 46
Tom Langdon 43
Travis Cloke 40
Jack Frost 38
Clinton Young 35
Nathan Freeman 34
Nick Maxwell 23
Tim Broomhead 14
Lachlan Keeffe 8
Jonathon Marsh 5
Fantasy Freako Rave – Rd 11 Review

Fantasy Freako Rave – Rd 11 Review

AFL Prospectus

This is the Round 11 edition of the Fantasy Freako Rave. Complete with all the scores. It is an essential guide for any serious DreamTeam coach.

Champion Data the providers of the Official AFL Statistics and creators of the ultimate Football statistics guide the “AFL PROSPECTUS” provide this regular download titled ‘Fantasy Freako Rave.’

FIND HERE: Fantasy Freako Rave – Round 11

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