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AFL Dream Team 2014

AFL Dream Team 2014

Virtual Sports after 12 years working in affiliation with the AFL Website will be returning to running the game we love to its original home (The AFL Website will continue to provide AFL Fantasy). The game appears to be returning to its more traditional format of limited trades (30), basing the game on the actual AFL salary cap and reducing the price of rookie players to traditional rookie starting prices. I for one, despite having great success last year in AFL Fantasy (finishing in the top 100) welcome the separation and see it as a fantastic opportunity to play a game that us “DIE-HARDS” have been playing over the last decade.

The AFL is moving towards supporting the casual player and keeping them more engaged for longer, which is an understandable commercial reality.

In a year where SuperCoach could have become the sole bearer for many diehards, AFL Dream Team by Virtual Sports will continue to allow the AFL Fantasy community to play DreamTeam in its true essence.Image

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2014 Season

Hi all!

The preseason is well underway and with Christmas/New Years just around the corner the new football season will be upon us shortly. Stay tuned to our blog, i’ll be posting regular updates throughout the year on AFL news and Fantasy insight. Many people asked what gives me the right to provide advice. Well, as a player of AFL DreamTeam Fantasy entering into my 12th season and finishing again in the top 100 this season at 67th I have a fair idea of how to implement a successful strategy to do well.

I also have comments from people who say that I should not write an AFL blog as there are already others doing the same thing, like DreamTeam Talk and SuperCoach Paige. In know way do I believe I’m in competition with those fantastic websites. My blog is one persons opinion and my own outlet for thinking about AFL Fantasy. I regularly enjoy reading the content on both websites and watching and listening to their shows. ┬áIf an article I produce is copied on another (Fantasy Hold’em), i’ve taken it as a compliment and not worried about calling out others. You can either read it or not, it’s not something worth getting upset about.

This season I’ll be taking a more laid back approach to the content I produce on the website. I’ll post regularly about my thoughts on the upcoming season and some of the strategies i’ve decided to implement. This upcoming Fantasy season has already thrown coaches a few curve balls. The increase in price for rookie players will add a new dynamic to the game and will make it more difficult for players to make complete teams. This season all the hard work of getting a team of premiums early was wasted come finals time when most teams had identical teams. The increase in rookie players should also bring in more mid-price players, who are returning from injury or coming off poor seasons.

The introduction of unlimited trades until Round 2 also brings with it new opportunities to try something unique. At this stage i’m planning on loading my bench with minimum priced players for Round 1 and using the value of the cap to get the best players possible for Round 1. Remember your team for the year does not need to be set until Round 2.

The change to a 2 game rolling average will also add a new dynamic to the game. It will be interesting to see how the price of players is influenced by this change.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and i’ll be back just in time for February 1st and the start of the new AFL Fantasy season.

Believe the Hype – Round 9

Believe the Hype – Round 9

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

1) IN: Thurlow, J (DEF) OUT: Stevenson, L (DEF) 11,046 (5%)
This trade makes sense. Thurlow has looked impressive in his first two games. He is a noted ball winner and ranked second for uncontested possessions in the under 18 championship. His long term reliability is questionable as Geelong do rotate younger players through the senior side. But with limited options, he is a good bet. Stevenson, Pittard and Heath are the top 3 trades out for Thurlow this week. The Power bubble has burst and you should be looking to get rid of any remaining Power rookie in your team.

Top 5 Ins and out
1 Thurlow, J 14.29%
2 Staker, B 7.91%
3 Vlastuin, N 4.33%
4 Watson, J 4.24%
5 Franklin, L 2.82%

1 Stevenson, L 8.63%
2 Mayes, S 6.66%
3 Wines, O 6.29%
4 Viney, J 4.47%
5 Neade, J 4.28%

Thurlow (DEF) or Staker (DEF/FWD)?
Thurlow is the popular option. If you are looking at getting another rookie next week, Staker (DEF/FWD) is the ideal candidate. If you are just deciding between one defender rookie over the next two weeks the decision is between Thurlow (DEF) and Staker(DEF/FWD). I’d lean towards Staker (DEF/FWD). Voss has shown that when fit Staker (DEF/FWD)is almost an automatic selection. He can play both ends of the filled and could become a good foil up forward for Brown or a great replacement down back for the suspended Daniel Merrett (DEF), who is set to miss 3 games. This will be games against Carlton, Collingwood, Round 11 Bye & Fremantle.
Verdict: Get BOTH!

Watson (MID) is underpriced at $481,400 with a breakeven of 70. He will start to go up in price again, this is the round to jump on.

Franklin (FWD) has been disappointing so far this season. Now only $390,100, he still has a breakeven of 99. The Hawks play the Gold Coast this week and Franklin should improve.

Should I trade Sam Mayes (FWD/MID)?
No. Yes he has a breakeven of 93 and now has a score of 31 in his rolling average, but unless you are using Mayes to get to a Watson, Kennedy or other premium you should keep him. He has a round 11 bye and has a useful forward/midfield eligibility.

Brad Crouch (MID) again is one to watch. He was very good in the SANFL, but the Crows going into a tight contest against North have given him one more week at West Adelaide to regain fitness.

Nathan Hrovat (MID) was a ball magnet as a junior. He averaged 25.2 possessions per game in 5 games for Vic Metro in the National Carnival. He also won the Northern Knights B&F despite playing only 8 games with an average of 26.6 possessions per game.

Matthew Kreuzer is underpriced at $323,300 and goes into this round with a breakeven of 81. His price is still effected by the 21 he scored when he broke his finger in round 3 against Geelong. He also had a slow start on his return in Round 7 scoring only 40 against Ben McEvoy and St. Kilda. HE was better last week against the Power scoring 81.

What are your thoughts? Who are you bringing in and trading out this week?

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