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The Recruiter: Patrick Dangerfield

The Recruiter: Patrick Dangerfield




The Recruiter

Name: Patrick “Danger” Dangerfield
Club: Adelaide Crows
Position: Forward/Midfield

AFL Fantasy: $534,700
AFL Dream Team: $538,900


Who else could it have been! For those long term readers, my evident admiration of Dangerfield is about to be once again on display.  Danger along with Rory Sloane have recently been made Vice-Captains of the Football Club. This has more impetuous this season as Captain Nathan Van Berlo will miss the majority if not entire 2014 season after sustaining an Achilles injury, making Dangerfield and Sloane joint acting captains.


Why should I recruit Patrick Dangerfield?

Sensationally will be available as a Forward/Midfielder in 2014 and is an absolute no brainer for any Fantasy player. Dangerfield at his best is one of the premier midfielders in the competition, with blistering pace and the ability to win the contested ball, Dangerfield is an unstoppable force in attack and in the midfield. Lock him in from round 1!

Why should I avoid picking Patrick Dangerfield?

We saw in 203 the burden captaincy can have on young players (Marc Murphy & Jack Trengove). If you support Port Adelaide andreally HATE the Crows… This is the only reason not to select this Superstar as a Forward in 2014.

ablett & dangerfield The Conclusion

First picked Forward of 2014 Patrick Dangerfield (Fwd/Mid) $534700 (AFLF) & $538,900 (DT) (FORWARD LOCK) 

AFL Fantasy: Elite (Actual Draft Example)

AFL Fantasy: Elite (Actual Draft Example)

AFL Fantasy
AFL Fantasy

On Thursday night I entered an AFL Fantasy: Elite competition organised by the guys from Addicted2DreamTeam on Facebook and on Twitter at @a2_dt

It was an interesting experience with a rapid selection process of 60 seconds to fill our 15 man sides (3 DEF/ 4 MID/ 1 RUCK/ 3 FWD/ 4 BENCH).

AFL Fantasy Elite

Last week I provided you with my top 50 list. LINK HERE. This was the perfect opportunity to test out my theories around this version of the game.

Firstly i’ll provide notes of my experience of the draft

– My theory that if you miss out on Cox or Maric you should wait until the end holds true. I was able to select Todd Goldstein and Matthew Leunberger with my 13th and 15th pick respectively.

– Watch out for people who are not active in the draft and whose picks are automatic selections. This can dilute the midfield quality quickly and did force me to change my plans part way through the draft.

– Make sure you draft forwards early, the quality will die off quickly. FWD/MIDS are also handy as they can be moved around your field.

I will highlight the players I selected. I’ll also provide a small review of my thoughts at each stage of the draft and why I choose players at that position. I do not want to comment to much about the selection of other participants whose identity i’ve kept anonymous.

1st Round
1 Gary Ablett
2 Dean Cox
3 Dane Swan
4 Trent Cotchin
5 Lance Franklin
6 Scott Pendlebury
7 Mathhew Boyd
8 Jobe Watson
9 Dayne Beams
10 Brett Deledio

Round Review – I was definitely surprised to get Dane Swan at Pick 3. I understand there has been recent reported issues surrounding Swan but he is the top DreamTeam scorer in the game. I’d originally planned on selecting Trent Cotchin at pick 3. If you are playing a game with Captain Choice active it is essential you get a high scorer in early.

2nd Round
11 Brent Stanton
12 Patrick Dangerfield
13 Scott Thompson (Adel)
14 Marc Murphy
15 Josh P. Kennedy (Syd)
16 Brendon Goddard
17 Ivan Maric
18 Bryce Gibbs
19 Tom Rockliff
20 Aaron Sandilands

Round Review – Gibbs is playing midfield this season and is listed as a defender. I had Gibbs ranked at 11, so was very pleased to get him here at 17. I think he was one of the real bargain selections I got during this draft. Sandilands was an Auto-Selection and highlights the importance of being active during the draft.

3rd Round
21 Nathan Fyfe
22 Jimmy Bartel
23 Steve Johnson
24 Jack Redden
25 Shane Mumford
26 Joel Selwood
27 Steele Sidebottom
28 Paul Chapman
29 Dayne Zorko
30 Shane Tuck

Round Review – In my opinion Steve Johnson is the best forward in AFL DreamTeam. I had hoped that people would let him slide because of his 1 game suspension and thankfully this occurred. It is only one game and I can cover his absence. Another positive is Johnson is a FWD/MID so I can move him between the two positions. I had ranked Johnson at Pick 15 so now I was very pleased to have arguably the best Defender (Gibbs), Midfielder (Swan) and Forward (Johnson) in my side.

4th Round
31 Andrew Swallow
32 Jarryd Roughead
33 Sam Mitchell
34 Michael Barlow
35 Sam Jacobs
36 Tom Hawkins
37 Heath Scotland
38 Jack Grimes
39 Dyson Heppell
40 Brad Sewell

Round Review – My luck continued in the 4th round. My Pick 17 Jack Grimes was still available at Pick 38. I ranked Grimes as the 3rd best Defender in the draft behind Goddard and Gibbs and it was difficult to go past him at this selection.

5th Round
41 Chris Judd
42 Grant Birchall
43 Dale Thomas
44 Mitch Robinson
45 Taylor Walker
46 Patrick Ryder
47 Callan Ward
48 Danny Stanley
49 Beau Waters
50 Brock Mclean

Round Review – The fifth round is where the game became quite interesting. I had Beau Waters ranked at Pick 23 and Dale Thomas at Pick 25. I decided for the first time in the game to not follow my pre-list and choose Daisy Thomas. I decided to do this because I felt there was still a good amount of quality in the Defence, plus I was aware 2 teams were being Auto-Selected and that those teams would most likely take midfielders. While Thomas is still coming back from injury his versatility as a FWD/MID and his ability to score 100+ swayed my decision.

6th Round
51 Brad Ebert
52 Matt Suckling
53 Scott Selwood
54 Kieran Jack
55 Luke Shuey
56 Rory Sloane
57 Nick Dal Santo
58 Ryan O’Keefe
59 Matt Priddis
60 Mark LeCras

Round Review – By this point in the draft I noticed that the midfield quality was really beginning to dwindle due to the two Auto-Selection teams draining all the talent in these areas. I decided to select Ryan O’Keefe who was just outside my original top 50. O’Keefe I believe could be a top midfielder this season. When you remove his first 3 games from his 2012 average, O’Keefe averaged 105.44 points per game from round 5-23. He also scored 140, 154 and 140 at an average of 144.66 points per game during the finals series. I have since re-ranked O’Keefe into my top 50.

7th Round
61 Harley Bennell
62 Andrew Carrazzo
63 Dustin Martin
64 Paul Duffield
65 Cyril Rioli
66 Matthew Pavlich
67 Shaun Grigg
68 Kade Simpson
69 Hamish Hartlett
70 James Kelly

Round Review – At this selection I had Jordan Lewis (33), Cyril Rioli (36), Heath Shaw (37), Matthew Wright (38), and Dustin Marin (39) still on the board. I had re-ranked my forwards prior to the draft and placed them in the following order Martin, Rioli, Lewis and Wright, within my top 40. I choose Martin as I believe Richmond will have an improved season and believe Martin will be one of the key reasons for that improvement. My Forward line of Johnson, Thomas and Martin was now set.

8th Round
71 Ryan Griffen
72 Toby Greene
73 Lenny Hayes
74 Liam Anthony
75 Pearce Hanley
76 Ben McEvoy
77 Brendan Whitecross
78 Heath Shaw
79 Jack Watts
80 David Zaharakis

Round Review – The big surprise to me in this round was the selection before mine of Brendan Whitecross who is by all accounts still recovering from an ACL suffered in the finals. This is a key point that people need to look at the injury list before making selections. I was surprised that Heath Shaw had slide down so low in the draft. Getting him at 78 is probably my best selection. I had him ranked originally at 37 and in my re-rankings moved him up to pick 35. Heath Shaw now completed my Defence of Gibbs, Grimes and Shaw arguably 3 of the best 6 defenders.

9th Round
81 Jack Ziebell
82 Jordan Lewis
83 Matthew Wright
84 Matt Rosa
85 Corey Enright
86 Leigh Montagna
87 Jarrad Waite
88 Tom Bellchambers
89 Andrew Gaff
90 Brent Harvey

Round Review – Matthew Wright has played predominantly in the midfield this preseason and looks set to continue the role he played in the second half of 2012 up on a half forward flank and in the middle. His FWD/MID eligibility was also a crucial factor. I selected him as a midfielder knowing I could swap him with any of Johnson, Thomas and Martin.

10th Round
91 Jude Bolton
92 Nic Naitanui
93 Greg Broughton
94 Will Minson
95 Nick Riewoldt
96 Jarrad McVeigh
97 Jed Adcock
98 Sam Gibson
99 Matt de Boer
100 Nathan Foley

Round Review – This was arguably my most difficult selection. For the first time I was selecting outside my top 50 and had a difficult time deciding between Sam Gibson and Matt de Boer. I miscalculated at this pick and selected Gibson first, missing out on de Boer who was selected with the next selection. My thinking was that Gibson has the potential to be a 100 plus scorer and has continued his good 2012 form so far this preseason.

11th Round
101 Michael Johnson
102 Mitchell Duncan
103 Andrew Mackie
104 Adam Goodes
105 Daniel Hannerbery
106 Bachar Houli
107 Sharod Wellingham
108 Brent Reilly
109 Jack Riewoldt
110 Darren Jolly

Round Review – Now that I had Swan, O’Keefe and Gibson, I felt the midfield depth was quite even so I decided to select the best available, which in my opinion was Andrew Mackie. He will be a good back up and could average around 80 points per game.

12th Round
111 David Hale
112 David Armitage
113 Travis Cloke
114 Drew Petrie
115 Danyle Pearce
116 Shannon Hurn
117 Daniel Rich
118 Jarryd Blair
119 Matthew Kreuzer
120 Johnathan Brown

Round Review – Blair has looked promising this preseason and now entering his 4th season he is primed to be solid contributor in a Magpies team that scores well in DreamTeam. Blair also filled the void left by missing out on Matthew de Boer and provides another FWD/MID link.

13th Round
121 Chad Cornes
122 Adam Treloar
123 Todd Goldstien
124 Chris Newman
125 Jack Darling
126 Jason Porplyzia
127 Courtney Dempsey
178 Jay Schulz
129 Johnathan Giles
130 Brent Guerra

Round Review – I finally drafted a Ruckman. Giles was still available and an option but I decided on Goldstein because I felt he will have a good season without McIntosh at the club. Dan Currie has been impressive this preseason, but I don’t think he is ahead of Goldstein.

14th Round
131 Brian Lake
132 Mitch Golby
133 Johnathan Griffen
134 Nathan Grima
135 David Mundy
136 Luke Hodge
137 Zachary Smith
138 Michael Hibberd
139 Luke Breust
140 Shaun Higgins

Round Review – Now that we are towards the end of the draft I decided to take a risk on a potential breakout player. Hibberd has all the qualities to be a good scoring defender. READ HERE WHY.

15th Round
141 Sean Dempster
142 Harry Taylor
143 Matthew Leuenberger
144 Colin Sylvia
145 Shaun Burgoyne
146 Hamish McIntosh
147 Jarred Brennan
148 Mark Jamar
149 Angus Monfries
150 Nick Malceski

Round Review – My final selection was Matthew Leuenberger. He has the potential to be a 90+ points per game ruck and with uncertainty around Goldstein, selecting Leuenberger provided a genuine back-up option.

This wraps up the draft. Overall I think my team is well balanced. Potentially lacking depth in the midfield however strong in other areas. Share your thought and share the similarities to your AFL Fantasy Elite drafts.

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AFL Fantasy Elite – Top 50 #UPDATED

AFL Fantasy Elite – Top 50 #UPDATED

AFL Fantasy
AFL Fantasy

As a fan of the Draft version of the game many people are starting to consider arranging their AFL Fantasy Elite pre selection list.

These rankings are based on a squad size of 15 players with 10 teams in the league. One of the most common formations is 3 Def/4 Mid/1 Ruck/3 Fwd -4 Bench

My advice when drafting early is if you miss out on Cox or Maric as early ruck selections, avoid selecting a ruck until later in the draft. You only need one ruckman and there are at least 13 Ruckman who can score 80 plus (Cox, Maric, Roughead, Goldstein, McEvoy, Jacobs, Minson, Mumford, Giles, McIntosh, Bellchambers, Kreuzer and Leuenberger.) Note I intentionally avoided Jolly.

Make sure you select a midfielder with one of your first 2 selections as these are crucial as a captain choice.

1 Dane Swan MID
2 Gary Ablett MID
3 Trent Cotchin MID
4 Scott Pendlebury MID
5 Brendon Goddard DEF
6 Mathhew Boyd MID
7 Lance Franklin FWD
8 Dean Cox RUC
9 Dayne Beams MID
10 Marc Murphy MID

11 Bryce Gibbs DEF
12 Tom Rockliff FWD
13 Patrick Dangerfield MID
14 Scott Thompson (Adel) MID
15 Steve Johnson FWD
16 Jobe Watson MID
17 Jack Grimes DEF
18 Joel Selwood MID
19 Brett Deledio DEF
20 Dayne Zorko FWD

21 Ivan Maric RUC
22 Dyson Heppell DEF
23 Beau Waters DEF
24 Jimmy Bartel FWD
25 Dale Thomas FWD
26 Mitch Robinson FWD
27 Grant Birchall DEF
28 Jack Redden MID
29 Josh P. Kennedy (Syd) MID
30 Brent Stanton MID

31 Nathan Fyfe MID
32 Sam Mitchell MID
33 Dustin Martin FWD
34 Steele Sidebottom MID
35 Heath Shaw DEF
36 Cyril Rioli FWD
37 Andrew Swallow MID
38 Matthew Wright FWD
39 Jordan Lewis FWD
40 Jarryd Roughead RUC

41 Nic Naitanui RUC
42 Matthew Pavlich FWD
43 Toby Greene MID
44 Hamish Hartlett DEF
45 Kieran Jack MID
46 Heath Scotland DEF
47 Ryan O’Keefe MID
48 Michael Barlow MID
49 Sam Jacobs RUC
50 Paul Chapman FWD

51 Matt Suckling DEF

Just outside the top 50 are Greg Broughton, Matt Priddis, Ryan Griffen, Adam Goodes, Ryan O’Keefe, Shane Tuck, Matt Priddis, Danny Stanley, Scott Selwood, Ben McEvoy, Jed Adcock, Matthew Leuenberger, Sam Jacobs, Harley Bennell and Patrick Ryder

Disagree? Have a question of why I put a player in a certain spot? Ask below in the comment box. Where would you have players ranked? Comment Below and Retweet if you like this article.

Hype Watch – NAB CUP: Round 1: 1st weekend

Hype Watch – NAB CUP: Round 1: 1st weekend

The first weekend of the NAB Cup saw sides play rookies we do not regularly get to see.

FRIDAY NIGHT – Essendon vs Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Essendon 1.5.6 45 def. Western Bulldogs 1.1.4 19

Collingwood 1.6.2 47 def. Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 29

Collingwood 1.2.10 31 def. Essendon 0.4.5 29

Premium Goddard showed he has not lost the ability to find the ball, even if he did struggle to use the ball on occasions with scores of 46 and 55 respectively.

Heppell also looked to be in good form and started on the wing, moving into the middle and looks set for a year released from defence. He scored 50 and 36 respectively.

Mid-Price Hibberd looks to have taken on the role Heppell played last season in defence and looks a promising Mid-Price option with scores of 48 and 44 respectively. If he can stay fit he is almost to good to look past.

Rookie Kommer was the standout rookie from the Dons In his first game he scored 44 playing a high half forward role drifting into the 50m arc. In the second game he had limited gametime and only scored 6, however his form in the first game is enough to make us follow his progress through preseason.

Western Bulldogs

Mid-Price Nick Lower now at his third club demonstrated that he has true DreamTeam potential with a score of 57 in the first game. 23 in the second was with less game time.

RookieBrett Goodes was consistent with scores of 32 and 31 and at his rookie price will be a popular selection this season. The Bulldogs have targeted him for a reason and he should get solid game time.

Cheap PremiumTravis Cloke had a rocky year last season dropping his average considerably. he looked strong even without a glove scoring 42 and 28 respectively.

Mid-PriceJarryd Blair looked impressive in the Pies game against the Bulldogs, popping up all over the ground with a team high 10 disposals and 43DT points.

Clinton Young first game in black and white was promising, being used regularly in transition from defence to attack. with scores of 37 and 32 he might be a good selection in AFL Fantasy Elite.

Another player making his debut for his new club was Jordan Russell. He looked comfortable in the back half and was a solid contributor DreamTeam scores of 19 and 34 respectively. His inclusion in the side might be important as it has the potential to release Heath Shaw who scored 30 DT points in the first game onto a wing.

Cheap Brent Macaffer (Hype List) looks to have a grip on a role inside the Pies forward half. He looked impressive and scored 28 and 30 respectively.

SATURDAY NIGHT – WestCoast vs Geelong vs Fremantle

Geelong 1.6.4 49 def. West Coast 1.6.2 47

Fremantle 0.7.6 48 def. Geelong 0.4.6 30

West Coast Eagles 1.4.7 40 def. Fremantle 0.2.4 16

Premium Stevie J (Johnson) mentioned in the commentary during the prematch that he has trained as a midfielder this preseason and has an expectation to play around 80% of his time in the middle. This is enough to lock him in my side (depending on suspension outcome). 31 points was also a solid return.

Cheap – Travis Varcoe returning from long term injury played to roles for the cats. One was as a sweeper across the half back line and the second was as a small forward. He scored 28 and 16 respectively and while they are not huge numbers he is definetly a player who should be watched throughout the NAB Cup.

West Coast
Returning Player – Mark LeCras (21 DT) was okay without being spectacular. Nice goal from the boundary showed he still has tremendous skills.

Underpriced Premium – Scott Selwood 46DT in the second game looked impressive again and should be in for a good season. He could be a good unique selection and definitely one to consider in AFL Fantasy Elite when the big guns are off the table.

Stay Away – Don’t let Scott Lycett numbers (38 & 26) fall you. He will not get game time in a side that has Cox and Naitanui.

Returning Player – Aaron Sandilands remains an unknown. Injured and do not know when he will be back.

Former Glory – We all remember Paul “Duffman” Duffield chipping to himself and playing glorious DreamTeam football. In the second game against the Eagles, Duffield looked to have recaptured that magic scoring 39, taking kickouts and looking like as Gotye would say. “Somebody that I use to know!”

On to Watch Nick Suban was impressive with scores of 34 and 26. Watch his form over the NAB Cup he could be a handy late pick in AFL Fantasy Elite.

SUNDAY TWILIGHT – Adelaide vs St. Kilda vs Port Adelaide
St. Kilda def. Adelaide

Port Adelaide def. St. Kilda

Adelaide def. Port Adelaide

Underpriced Premium – Matthew Wright looks a bargain in AFL Dream Team. Priced at $438,700 he was all over the field finding the ball. He played the majority of his time in the midfield and scored 46 and 34 in his two games. He is definitely a unique option to consider.

Rookie – Brad Crouch with scores of 17 and 25 was solid without being spectacular. He may need some time to get with the pace of the game however some of his work inside the contest was fantastic and his work outside moving to positions to receive the ball went unrewarded. He is still one to highly consider as a bench midfield option this year.

St. Kilda
On to watch – Arryn Sippos (Hype List) is definitely one to watch this preseason. He scored 35 DT, but that included 7 kicks and 4 marks with 8 disposals in total. As I have been posting all preseason he has had a change in role to the Brendon Goddard sweeper and looked damaging in the first game against the Crows using his long kicking to clear the crows cluster/zone. He was not heavily featured in the second game.

Underpriced – Probably the most impressive Saint on the day was Jack Steven. Priced at $433,300 as a midfielder he is ackwardly priced, but looks set to hvae a breakout year. He looks in terrific condition and despite the 37 degree temperatures looked to be handling the conditions better than most. He scored 42 and 40 in his two games.

Port Adelaide
It is hard to know where to start with the Power. They have so many options this year when it comes to AFL DreamTeam. A player I have been keeping a close eye on is Hamish Hartlett. Hartlett is slightly above mid-price and is considered by many as a risky selection in both AFL Dream Team and AFL Fantasy Elite. When fit he is arguably Port Adelaide’s best player. Expect Hartlett to push into the midfield to assist Boak and drift between half back where he has a tremendous ability to move the ball forward effectively. He was played in the midfield and also was used in defence. Watch his preseason closely.

Cheap – Jasper Pittard was solid without being spectacular wish scores of 22 and 7 in the second game with less game time.

Another cheap option is Lewis Stevenson who since coming over from the eagles looks to have found a role in defence with scores 20 and 22 respectively.

Rookie – A standout rookie in the game was Jake Neade in the first game against St. Kilda with 35 DT points in a skilful performance. Oliver Wines, the big bodied young midfielder looks AFL ready however was also similar to Pittard with a score of 27 and 6. Needs to be watched over preseason.

That is the weekend wrap for the first weekend of AFL football. Visit – for great Official AFL Videos

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Mid-Price Mayhem: Forwards

Mid-Price Mayhem: Forwards

MidPrice Mayhem Cloke
The Forward line can be a make or break position in any AFL Fantasy Elite squad. Choose correctly and players can average well above 100 ppg*. Choose poorly and you can have player form fluctuations that will leave you infuriated the whole season.

For this exercise I have looked at players who are priced under $400,000 and over $200,000 in the traditional AFL Fantasy: DreamTeam.

Travis Cloke
DreamTeam Value: $383,600
SuperCoach Value: $436,300
After struggling with form and the decision over his future, Cloke showed late in the season he has the ability to be a premium fantasy Forward. Last year his DreamTeam average of 74.4 was his lowest since his second season in the AFL. His average dropped from 95.7 ppg* down over 20 points to 74.4 ppg*.

Cloke can be an enigma in Fantasy Football, with a variation in score last season from a season low 24 against the Crows in Round 9 to a season high 147 against the Bombers in the final round. Cloke is by no means a safe option and is not recommended for a conservative player. With high risks, comes high rewards and Cloke can definitely be a difference makers, both positive and negative.
Potential Average 85-90

Josh J. Kennedy
DreamTeam Value: $272,300
SuperCoach Value: $299,600
Josh J Kennedy
Kennedy is returning from an interrupted season in 2012 where he only managed to play 7 games due to an ankle injury. He never quite found the form of 2011 where he averaged 79.4 DreamTeam and 86.7 SuperCoach points per game. At his best he is one of the best forwards in the game and capable of kicking 60 plus goals a year. With an injury free year, expect Kennedy to push higher up the ground and become a focal point for the Eagles attack.

Potential Average 80/85

Leigh Adams (FWD/MID)
DreamTeam Value: $384,400
SuperCoach Value: $442,600

Known by many for being the man in the now famous Chris Judd “Chicken Wing” tackle, Adams struggled with injuries throughout last season an subsequently his Fantasy output fell to its lowest since 2009 averaging 74.3 an almost 10 ppg* drop on his 2011 output of 84.1 ppg*.

The upside to Adams is he has Fwd/Mid eligibility which will become significant as the season progresses in AFL Fantasy Elite. Also the 6 week suspension to Brent Harvey should allow Adams to get more gametime and possessions early in the season.
Potential Average 80-85

Allen Christensen (FWD/MID)
DreamTeam Value: $381,200
SuperCoach Value: $427,700

Christensen has the ability to win a high number of possession. Despite injuries that restricted him throughout the season his average of 74 ppg* was an increase on his 2011 average of 68.5 ppg*. However in 2011 he was used regularly as a substitute.

The upside for Christensen is that with a clean bill of health he can rack up impressive scores as demonstrated between round 2-6 where he had over 20 possessions in each game. Also is a Forward/Midfielder. With the likes of Chapman, Bartel and Corey getting older, expect these players to rotate more and for Geelong to use the likes of Christensen to get more time in the middle.
Potential Average 70-75

Travis Varcoe
Travis Varcoe
DreamTeam Value: $234,400
SuperCoach Value: $268,900
A change of role to half back will allow Varcoe to get out of the forward pocket and use his pace, skill and creativity in moving the ball towards the forward 50. Varcoe injured his ankle in the first game of the 2012 season and was not seen back at AFL level for the entire year. At his price with a change of position, Varcoe could be one of the best buys of the season.

Potential Average 70-75
Arryn Siposs
Hype List in-depth review of Siposs
DreamTeam Value: $325,000
SuperCoach Value: $316,600

Getty Images Robert Cianflone file photo
Getty Images Robert Cianflone file photo

Siposs is an intriguing selection. Starting as the Sub in 3 games and being subbed in one other, Siposs still managed to average 63.1 ppg in 11 games. However when you take away his substitute games he managed to score over 76 in 5 of the 7 games at an average of 80.1 ppg that included two scores of 100 or more.

Reports also indicate Siposs is being trained to fill the role vacated by Brendon Goddard.

Potential Average 65-70

Other Players to Watch: Mark LeCras (WCE), Michael Walters (Fre), Sam Blease (Mel), Robbie Gray (Pt.A), Will Hoskin-Elliott (GWS)

Nathan Bock

DreamTeam Value: $282,800
SuperCoach Value: $297,400

Priced nicely in both SuperCoach and AFL Fantasy: DreamTeam, Bock is struggling to recover from his broken leg and was reported on Monday to still be visibly hobbling on his leg. If Bock does play this season, It will most likely be as a Key Forward.

Chris Knights
DreamTeam Value: $254,500
SuperCoach Value: $284,300

Knights is renowned for his ball winning ability and was a crucial member of the Crows set up in the 07-08-09 seasons where he averaged 87.7, 83.1 and 84.6 respectively. Many believe it was his injury in the 2009 Elimination Final against Collingwood that turned the game in the Pies favour.

Can Chris replicate his past form? Last year we saw the impact a change of scenery had on his fellow ex-Crows team mate and best friend Ivan Maric. Knights at his best is a damaging high half forward who can penetrate the attacking zone with his long left boot.
Potential Average 60-65

Avoid for now – Gary Rohan (Syd), Shannon Byrnes (Mel)
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Mid-Price Mayhem: Midfielders (Under $500K)

Mid-Price Mayhem: Midfielders (Under $500K)

Luke Ball
The Midfield can be one of the most difficult areas of the field in AFL Fantasy Elite. If you’re one of the people who has a selection later in the first round, it is very likely that the best Midfielders (Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Boyd, Pendlebury and Beams) will already have been selected.

Strategy dictates that you should look to get the premiums from other areas (Defenders, Forwards and Ruck) as midfield depth is stronger than other areas.

But now you are in the later rounds and it’s time to pick the best available. Here are some sub $500,000 DreamTeam players who could be a steal in AFL Fantasy Elite and SuperCoach Draft as well as the traditional forms of Fantasy Football.

Toby Greene $495,700 (DT) – $506,300 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 96.21
2012 SC ave: 94.63

Greene was a ball magnet as a junior averaging 29.2 disposals per game for Oakleigh Chargers in the TAC cup in 2011 and replicated that form in the AFL collecting 30 or more possessions on 9 occasions. An amazing result for a rookie. Averaging 96 ppg* in DT last season, more impressive was his end to the season, over the last 8 games averaging 110 points per game.
Potential Ave. 105 (DT)

Nat Fyfe $458,500 (DT) – $498, 800 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 89
2012 SC ave: 93.22

Injury curtailed his season playing only 9 regular season games (plus 2 finals) at an average of 89 points per game. Fyfe has potentially slipped in the minds of many AFL Fantasy Elite players. In 2011 he averaged 98.3 points per game and looked destined to become an elite AFL Fantasy Player. While many compare his onfield style to current Essendon Coach and Great James Hird, A fit Fyfe could well be one of the bargain buys of the season.
Potential Ave. 105 (DT/SC)

Luke Ball $343,100 (DT) – $301,800 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 74
2012 SC ave: 62.67

A knee injury ended the season of Ball in round 3 last season. In his first two seasons at the Pies Ball averaged 92.6 ppg* in 2010 and 96.3 ppg* in 2011. He is low down the AFL Fantasy Elite selection order and would be a good selection for anyone looking for a proven reliable player. Hold off selecting him in AFL DreamTeam until he returns.
Potential Ave. 85 (DT/SC)

Daniel Hannebery $421,800 (DT) – $439,700 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 81.86
2012 SC ave: 82.18

During the 2012 finals series Hannebery showed he has the capability to be a top line midfielder, averaging 30 possessions per game. Across those 3 games he scored 78, 106 & 106 ppg. After 3 seasons averaging around the 80 ppg (80.5, 79.7, 81.5 ppg) Hannebery is a standout contender for a more dominant role in the swans midfield.
Potential Ave. 85 (DT) – 90 (SC)

Brent Moloney – $309,800 (DT) – $362,400 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 60.13
2012 SC ave: 67.73

After a disappointing season at the Dees, Moloney, now at the Lions, will be looking to recapture the form he had in 2011 when he won the Melbourne Football Clubs best and fairest award. His average dropped from 88 in 2011 to just 60 in 2012.

The Lions have targeted him as a free agent to fill a role as a clearence specialist, not ideal for AFL Fantasy Elite, but perfect for SuperCoach Draft where contested possessions are worth more points. Expect Moloney to play from round one and help the likes of Black and the younger brigade of Redden and Rockliff in the middle.

Potential Ave. 75 (DT) – 90(SC)

Nick Lower $352,200 (DT) – $379,500 (SC)
2012 DT ave: 97.67
2012 SC ave: 88.67

This is a real surprise selection and is potentially risky. Lower now at his third AFL Club did not fit with in new Fremantle coach Ross Lyons plans for the club and only played 3 games at an average of 97.7 ppg* after injuries curtailed his early season oppurtunities to get on the park.

When playing back in the WAFL he averaged over 25 possessions a game and showed his ability to be a very solid contributor.

In a young Bulldogs midfield, Lower could become one of the real generals at the football club with a hardened AFL Body to help the likes of Griffen, Boyd and Cross.
Potential Ave. 70 (DT/SC)

ppg* = Points Per Game.

Also consider Jack Steven, Koby Stevens, David Mundy

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Mid-Price Mayhem – Defenders (AFL Fantasy Elite, SuperCoach Draft & Ultimate Footy)

Mid-Price Mayhem – Defenders (AFL Fantasy Elite, SuperCoach Draft & Ultimate Footy)

Ben Jacobs

Todays first Mid-Price Mayhem will focus on Defenders. I can already hear the screams as you look down at your computer screen. Goddard, Gibbs, Scotland, Waters and Birchall are already selected. No premiums left! You begin to wonder why you decided to play a game where the best players are already selected before you have had an opportunity to select them.

Here are a few mid price options (Players under $425,000) that may be handy additions to your AFL Fantasy Elite sides.

Micahel Hibberd (Essendon)

Hibberd is one of the best readers of the game in the Essendon side. From round 1-4 he gathered over 20 possessions in 3 of the 4 games and lead the club in intercept possessions. Hibberd’s year was hampered by soft tissue injuries that restricted him to only 12 games. The positive sign is that Essendon found a place in their side both times when he was returning from injury. With Goddard now at the Bombers, Hibberd could get cheaper possesions playing of the half back line.

Potential Ave. 80

Nick Suban (Fremantle)

By all accounts has finally taken the step up on the track and got himself to the level required. As an underage player playing U18 National Championships, Suban averaged 23 possessions per game from a back pocket. He was also awarded an U18 All Australian Award, however was unable to be drafted as he was under age. In 2008 he returned again this time to the midfield where he averaged 16 possessions per game from the midfield.

Last season Suban played 14 games and was used as the sub in 4 of the last 5 games. The biggest drawback on his game is his fitness. Now however, he appears to have turned that around and may finally be able to utilise his footballing ability to its true capability.

Expect Suban to play a more inside midfield role this season to complement the outside runner of Hill, Pearce and Fyfe.

Potential Ave. 75

Jack Watts

The former number one draft pick has failed to date to live up to the high billing that accompanies those selected with that pick. The pressure of playing in a disappointing side as a key forward was too much at times and Watts form reflected that of his team. After moving to half back part way through the season Watts regained confidence and showed a glimpse of why he was rated so highly as a junior. He has an elite ability to read the game and accompanied with a good kick makes him a dangerous player moving the ball out of the defence. With another preseason under his belt he physically has the weapons to become a top line player.

Consider Linking Watts Def/Fwd link with a player such as Greg Broughton.
Potential Ave. 75

Preseason Predictions
Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide)


Hartlett is slightly above mid-price and is considered by many as a risky selection in both AFL Dream Team and AFL Fantasy Elite. When fit he is arguably Port Adelaide’s best player. Expect Hartlett to push into the midfield to assist Boak and drift between half back where he has a tremendous ability to move the ball forward effectively.

Hartlett has the potential to be a genuine top 6 fantasy defender by seasons end.
Potential Ave. 90-95+

Brodie Smith (Adelaide)


Smith showed his ability in the semi-final against Fremantle racking up a dozen possessions early in the game, before converting to a lockdown role on Chris Mayne after an injury to defender Sam Shaw. Entering his 3rd season Smith has the potential to be a breakout star with the attention going on his more fancied teammates. With more time playing in the midfield or on a wing this former 1st round selection could be a real steal in the later rounds of the draft.
Potential Ave. 75+

Chris Yarran (Carlton)


Yes, we have heard it all before but Yarran is underpriced this season and may be under valued by your fellow competitors. Having a poor 2012 after injuries and lack of fitness, Yarran could prove to be one of the big beneficiaries of Malthouses game plan along the boundary line with his pace and skill by foot a real asset. Look for Yarran to be used as a real link man this season with a high potential to rack up easy ball.
Potential Ave. 75+

Jordan Russell

The former Blue has the potential to be a real bargain this season. Priced at only $264,300 in AFL Fantasy: Dream Team. In 2012 Russell finished second in the Carlton best and fairest behind 2010 Brownlow Medalist Chris Judd. In that season he also was the predominant kick out player, highlighting his effectiveness and reliability as a general defender.

His move to Collingwood in the off-season could be the catalyst for him to regain form. Watch his NAB Cup form and see where he plays and the role others have around him. Also for what it is worth, he was recently handed the number 2 jumper
Potential Ave. 75-80

Kangaroos Double
Ben Jacobs
Jacobs is an interesting proposition in both Fantasy Elite and DreamTeam. As a junior Jacobs average 28.8 possessions a game for Vic Metro in the national carnival and was a proven ball magnet. Drafted at pick 16 and after two average seasons at Port Adelaide due to illness and a debilitating ankle injury. Jacobs has the potential to be a 3rd year breakout player. Expect him to push into the Kangaroos midfield rotation and potentially rotate with another Roo Shaun Atley. With 26 games under his belt and playing back in his home state of Victoria, Jacobs could be a steal for those willing to take a risk on this young Roo.
Potential Ave. 75+

Shaun Atley

Atley who was selected one selection after Jacobs in the 2010 draft at pick 17, also had a break out season in 2012 proving to be reliable playing across halfback. Averaging 60 ppg* last season, a move higher up the ground into an outside midfield role could see Atley’s value skyrocket and make him a bargain in AFL Fantasy Elite.
Potential Ave. 75+

Aviod – Nathan Bock – Fwd/Def (Gold Coast)
After a serious leg injury it is difficult to tell whether Bock will come back in good form, however as a late pick he may be worth the risk. Expect him to come back and play predominantly as a Key Forward.
Potential Ave. ?

ppg* = Points Per Game.

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NEW: AFL Fantasy Match Day


2013 will bring a third variation of AFL Fantasy, with the AFL this morning announcing the introduction of AFL Fantasy Match Day. Match Day variation will focus on 8 predesignated matches that players will contest in one-day bouts.

Each coach has the ability to select eight footballers – two Defenders, three Midfielders, one Ruckman and two Forwards – from the two competing teams.

2013 AFL Fantasy Starts Feb 1

2013 AFL Fantasy Starts Feb 1

Every Player, Every Team

2013 brings a rebranding to the AFL fantasy football world with two games now available for all subscribers free on the AFL website.

AFL DreamTeam (AFL Fantasy)
The traditional fantasy game, AFL DreamTeam has been rebranded and slightly modified to encourage the casual player to stick with the game later in the season, where traditionally after they use their trades, they stop playing.

The major rule changes include:
– An increase in trades per week, from a maximum 24 a season (Max 2 per round) to a use it or lose it 2 trades per round.

– A change in the number of players in each section on the field. Traditionally we had 7 Defenders, 6 Midfielders, 2 Ruckman and 7 Forwards with 2 reserves in each line. This season we have taken away 1 Defender and Forward and moved them into the midfield to give us 6 Defenders, 8 Midfielders, 2 Ruckman and 6 Forwards with 2 reserves in each line. This is a positive move and reflects a more realistic AFL side. Plus this could lead to increase fantasy score with many of the best players being midfielders

– An increase in the bench emergencies from 3 to 4. In effect allowing you to have emergencies on every line and cover those pesky late Ruck changes that haunted many in 2012.

AFL Fantasy Elite
AFL Fantasy Elite is the rebranded version of what Assistant Coach subscribers have known as AFL Dream Team Pro, a draft based style competition that only allows one team to have one player. In a big move in the AFL fantasy community this game will allow pundits to test their knowledge of AFL squads to select those mid price players many good Dream Team players avoid like the plague in the traditional game.

I feel this is a real positive move by AFL Fantasy and could prove to be a real winner. The American Football fantasy system is based on this draft based recruiting. The live fantasy draft night can become one of the most exciting nights on the AFL Fantasy calendar as you and your friends compete for the best available player. Creating a draft party is definitely a very good option and can be a very enjoyable night with your friends hovering over their laptops selecting the cream of the crop (The closest the majority of us will get to being their on draft day). It also will be intriguing to trade players with your friends in leagues. Who will get the upper hand?

Where AFL DreamTeam can become boring with identical sides later in the season, AFL Fantasy Elite will always allow those individual head to head battles that make games come down to the wire.

My advice on when it comes to setting up your league is to setting up your draft order is to select the SNAKE draft as this is the fairest option and allows all players a chance to get good players. Surprisingly the AFL has allowed a linear draft option which in my opinion promotes inequity to the game.

For those who take the game seriously go and buy a copy of the AFL prospectus, it will provide you with all the information you need when selecting in the later rounds. Pre-Orders are already rolling out around the country and copies should be in stores around the start of February.

A must have guide for any serious AFL Fantasy player.

Don’t forget AFL Fantasy competitions will open on the 1st of February with the NAB cup starting on the 15th of February. AFL footy is just around the corner.

Share your thoughts below on the topics discussed in the article and share with us your thought on the new look of our blog. all suggestions welcome.