The Premium: Defenders

To celebrate the beginning of the official DreamTeam season we’ve brought back a favourite article from last year to kick off the season. The Premium (Defenders)

Knowing what Premiums to select can be the biggest battle in AFL DreamTeam. You need to get these players into your starting side as soon as possible to maximise the points you score each round. Below is a look at 6 Defenders that could potentially be your final six premiums by seasons end.

Pearce Hanley (DEF) – $467,300 (DT) – Hanley proved to be a game breaker and ultra consistent over the past 3 seasons with averages of 80, 83 and 86 despite being tagged heavily in 2013. Hanley has proven himself as a capable midfielder who can play in defence and also in attack. He has the ability to beat his opponent one on one which makes it incredibly difficult to nullify his influence on the game. Look at Hanley as a lock in your defence in all Fantasy games this season.

Ricky Henderson

Ricky Henderson (Def) $435100 (AFLF) & $438,600 (DT) – Despite strong interest from Collingwood and reports he wanted to return home to Victoria, Henderson will line up again for the Crows and looms as one of the most fascinating players in 2014. From round 14-20 was the premier defender in fantasy football, racking up possessions and looked to have found a home on Adelaide half back line. A jump of 29 points per game to an average of 80 in 2013 makes his a more expensive proposition. The Crows began to show greater form in the latter half of the season with Henderson finding a home at Half-Back. Despite the doubts on Henderson’s body , he is worth considering if he can stay fit and out on the park.

Andrew Walker (DEF) $473,700 (DT) –  Walker had an elite season with a permanent move to the backline allowing the  former number 2 pick to show the immense potential we had only seen in glimpse.  an improvement of 13 points per game in 2013 to 87 places Walker in the premium category for defenders this season. Walker should be strongly considered as one of your first locks of 2014.

Sam Mitchell (DEF) $521,800 (DT) – Despite continually decreasing scores from 112 p.p.g. in 2011, 102 in 2012 and 96 in 2013, Mitchell is prime fantasy value, being moved into defence. As a Defender Mitchell ranks the second highest value behind McVeigh. Mitchell has the ability to average 100 plus per game, however his real strength is his consistency. Mitchell should be one of the first selected in your sides this season.

Jarrad McVeigh

Jarrad McVeigh (DEF) $534,100 (DT) – With a move to the half back flank to cover injuries (Shaw) and retirement (Mattner) McVeigh highlighted his ability to read the play and be the go through player in the Swans defence.  McVeigh averaged 98 AFLF points per game, the highest of any classified defender in 2014. At only 28, McVeigh is in the prime of his career and should be the first picked in all fantasy sides in 2014.

Garrick Ibbotson

Garrick Ibbotson (DEF) $504,200 (DT) – Despite playing only 13 games last season Ibbotson averaged 92.31 and became a versatile link player behind the ball for the Dockers. Ibbotson average 22 points per game greater in 2013 and was ranked number 1 in the club for marks. He was also ranked in the top 5 for both contested and uncontested ball. Ibbotson was also a great reader of the play, ranking as the number one interceptor for his position in the AFL. If, and it is a big IF! Ibbotson can stay fit he will be a popular selection in peoples Defence in 2014.

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