AFL Dream Team 2014

AFL Dream Team 2014

Virtual Sports after 12 years working in affiliation with the AFL Website will be returning to running the game we love to its original home (The AFL Website will continue to provide AFL Fantasy). The game appears to be returning to its more traditional format of limited trades (30), basing the game on the actual AFL salary cap and reducing the price of rookie players to traditional rookie starting prices. I for one, despite having great success last year in AFL Fantasy (finishing in the top 100) welcome the separation and see it as a fantastic opportunity to play a game that us “DIE-HARDS” have been playing over the last decade.

The AFL is moving towards supporting the casual player and keeping them more engaged for longer, which is an understandable commercial reality.

In a year where SuperCoach could have become the sole bearer for many diehards, AFL Dream Team by Virtual Sports will continue to allow the AFL Fantasy community to play DreamTeam in its true essence.Image

“I am pre-registered for The Real Dream Team – AFL 2014 and the FREE 2014 Team Picker! #AFLDreamTeam”


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