Bye! Bye! Bye! Guide.

Bye! Bye! Bye! Guide.

The bye weeks strike fear in even the most seasoned AFL DreamTeam coaches. You can look at the next three rounds as either a negative or a positive.

The negative is that you will have some of your biggest stars sitting on the bench and your team structure may not be structured correctly to combat these outs.

The positive is, if you have traded well over the year and you have structured your team correctly you can score well and can have a big leap in the overall rankings. If you are only worried about your league win and have an unbalanced team, consider “TANKING” one of the weeks to maximise your score in the other two.

DT Rules

Visit and download the bookmark. The instructions are clear on the website and you’ll be able to highlight which players have the bye in each round. Below is an example of how this will appear on your team.

Sample Bye Team

1) Make sure you have a good spread of players from each bye round. Ideally 10/10/10 is ideal but being within the range of 8-12 you should be able to manage the byes.

2) Try and get rid of non scoring players first. If you have players on your bench with injury or who are not getting a game due to poor form, trade them out now!

3) Make sure you have at least 2 players from each bye round in your defence, midfield and forward line. It’s all well and good having 18 players playing, but if you have them on the bench they will not score. Remember only the top 18 ON YOUR FIELD will score.

4) Be aware of your captain options. It’s important to have viable options as a captain in each round. Spread your quality!

5) Use dual position players to your advantage. If that means you move a player into a different position for one or two weeks, do it!

6) Plan, Plan, Plan! Think about the trades you want to do over the next three week and plan them out. Consider how your team will look heading out of the byes.

Don’t stress to much. The byes will be over soon and should be looked at as a positive. Consider these 3 rounds as an opportunity to gain an advantage over your main rivals.


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