Fantasy Hold’em – Round 8 Review

Fantasy Hold’em – Round 8 Review

Fantasy Hold'em

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe in AFL Dream Team.

TOP 5 Scorers for Round 8
Round 8 Top 5
Brandon Ellis – 155
Kieran Jack – 138
Gary Ablett – 135
Josh Kennedy – 135
Nick Vlastuin – 131

Josh P. Kennedy (MID)… I hear the people on the street shouting already, “HE’S A SUPERCOACH PLAYER ONLY!” Yes I hear you but consider this. Kennedy is only priced at $486,500 and is a round 12 bye player, unlike Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Murphy, Watson and O’Meara who all are round 13. He has had scores of 121 and 135 in his last two against difficult opposition, Hawthorn and Fremantle respectively. Another positive is he’s a good captain choice for round 13 when all those players mentioned above are out. Sydney travel to AAMI Stadium to play Port Adelaide where in his last two games against the Power he has scored 121 and 94. He also won the Peter Badcoe Medal in that last game against Port Adelaide on ANZAC weekend 2012. He also played against Port Adelaide during preseason and scored 138 in a Swans loss.

Jobe Watson (MID) is back. Priced at $481,400 he has a breakeven of 70 so should rise in price. He averaged 112.4 last year and is currently only averaging 100.2. This average is influenced by his poor game against GWS where he scored only 54.

Still over 40.7% of Coaches do not have Gary Ablett (MID). He has a breakeven of 97 this week and will begin to rise over the next few weeks. This is the last week to get him again before he goes over $600,000

Finding a good forward or defender rookie at this time of the season can be difficult. One to consider despite only playing 1 game this season is Brent Staker. Staker is a Forward/Defender and is cheap at $132,600. When he was not injured he has been a starting 22 player for Voss. He could average 65 on the bench.

The other option is Jackson Thurlow (DEF) who has less job security, but is cheaper at $116,200 and a breakeven of -56. Thurlow has looked good in his first two games.

ELLIS, Brandon (edited)
Did you take our midweek advice and jump on Brandon Ellis (DEF)? He top scored for the round with 155 against GWS and goes into this round with a breakeven of -44 despite increasing in price by $73,800 over the weekend.

Lance Franklin (FWD) again makes it into the hold category. He scored a solid 81 on the weekend and dropped $26,600, a total of $141,200. He has a breakeven of 99 this week against an improving Gold Coast Suns. He should score around this mark regularly, but it has just not happend this season for Buddy. His price is about rock bottom. Plus he plays Melbourne in 2 weeks.
If you don’t have him make the CALL, if you have him HOLD.

People talking about trading Steve Johnson (MID/FWD), don’t be daft! He will be back and dominate this week against the Power.

Defender rookies Goodes, Terlich, Vlastuin all need to be kept until at least the bye rounds. They have all been fantastic and will provide you with good options during the bye rounds.

Majak Daw (RUCK) had a poor game scoring only 35 and being subbed off, however he still looks to have a role within the North Melbourne side and should be kept at least until the bye rounds.

For the second week in a row i’m recommending you trade out Ollie Wines (MID). He has been a fantastic rookie player to start this season. He has done everything we could have hoped for, but now you need to trade him out, before he losses more value. He will start the next round with a breakeven of 92 and has only averaged 65 in his last 3.

Lachie Whitfield (MID) it is time to go. He has a breakeven of 73, but has only averaged 59 over the last 3, including a score of 36 on the weekend. He looks tired and the GWS bye is not until Round 13. He needs to be traded out now while he still has good value.

Brent Stanton (MID) is not worth carrying with a breakeven of 190 and being a round 13 bye player, you have better options. A straight swap to his captain Jobe Watson will net you around $30,000 and allow you to maximise your team value leading into the byes.

Matt Jones (MID) $342,600 has been terrific for Melbourne, but if you can trade him down for a cheap rookie option do it this week. Brad Crouch (MID) returning from injury and a 20 plus game in the SANFL will cost $171,300. Crouch has good job security and is a genuinely talented player who will be a good bench option. This trade will make you $171,300 coincidently the same price as Crouch himself and half of Jones original value.

Hamish Hartlett (DEF/MID) do I really need to say any more. He is already losing value, down $65,100 for the season and now only $356,300. With a breakeven of 127, and his current 3 game average of 42.7 points per game, it is highly unlikely he will score that against Geelong this week. TRADE!

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