Believe the Hype – Round 8

Believe the Hype – Round 8

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

1) IN – Matt Priddis for OUT- Oliver Wines
Priddis will go into round 8 with a breakeven of 41. With an average of only 69.3 points per game over the last 3 games due to a score of 4 against Port Adelaide when he suffered concussion in the early minutes of the game. He is undervalued and has a decent draw leading up to the bye with games against North Melbourne, GWS, Richmond, St. Kilda. Another advantage to selecting Priddis is his BYE falls in Round 12 with most of the top line midfielders falling in Round 13 (Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon, Adelaide, Gold Coast, GWS).

Ollie Wines has been fantastic but has reached his peak. With a breakeven of 96 and priced at $356,200, Wines has increased in value by $199,500 and should be traded out this round to maximise his value.

Top 5 Ins and out
1 Vlastuin, N 4.49% (B/E: -50)
2 Thurlow, J 4.34% (B/E: -75)
3 Kerridge, S 4.17% (B/E: -18)
4 Priddis, M 3.99% (B/E: 40)
5 Martin, D 3.76% (B/E: 54)

1 Wines, O 12.16% (B/E: 96)
2 Neade, J 6.64% (B/E: 71)
3 Hartlett, H 6.37% (B/E: 187)
4 Stevenson, L 5.80% (B/E: 75)
5 Heath, C 3.95% (B/E: 81)

The INS and OUTS highlight that people are looking to get rid of players who have reached their maximum. Port Adelaide had a fantastic start to the year and had numerous rookie priced players who have earnt their owners plenty of money. However with many players breakevens higher than their season averages the time to sell is now.

Hamish Hartlett has hit a rough patch with scores of 32 and 37 in his last two. By all accounts the Port Adelaide Coaching staff and players confronted Hartlett with behind the goal footage showing a lack of effort.

Thurlow was fantastic on the weekend, however it would be worth holding the trigger on making this call for at least one more week. He plays for the premiership favourites and may find it difficult to retain his position long term.

The number one player brought in this week is Vlastuin. If you were silly enough not to get him last week than paying the extra to get him this week should be top of your agenda. He is averaging 76.7 points per game and looks to be a solid option as your number 6 defender leading into the bye.

Brad Crouch is returning to play in the SANFL this weekend and should be back in the Crows side next weekend.

Brent Staker is back in the Lions side. priced at a rookie price, he is one to watch and consider as a downgrade option over the next few weeks.

Zac Clarke will come into the Fremantle side as its lead ruck man. See how he performs, he may be a good buy in fantasy elite or supercoach draft.

Majak Daw is still a viable option at $188,500. He wont kick six every week but he looks to have found a role in the North Melbourne team and should play plenty of games.
Majak Daw

Special Mention to Tom Lynch for his amazing Ten Goals on the weekend. Probably not DT relevant but a fantastic performance.

What are your thoughts? Who are you bringing in and trading out this week?

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