Fantasy Hold’em – Round 7 Review

Fantasy Hold’em – Round 7 Review

Fantasy Hold'em

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Todd Goldstein has been the second best ruckman in AFL Fantasy: DreamTeam this season. Playing with renewed confidence as the number 1 ruckman at North Melbourne, Goldstein will go into round 8 with a breakeven of 38. If you are playing Cox in your forward line, Goldstein should be a target.

Pearce Hanley, how good is he! The Irishman is now arguably the Lions most influential player and continues to show the rest of the competition he is a top line player. Scoring 129 on the weekend and with a breakeven of 59 he is a prime target for anyone wanting to upgrade their defence this week.

ELLIS, Brandon (edited)
If you are looking for a mid price defender i’d recommend Brandon Ellis. He has averaged 99.7 over the last 3 and has a breakeven of -20.

Lance Franklin has been in disappointing form over the last 3 weeks with scores of 62, 53 and 57. His price has fallen considerably to the low $400,000’s and he will start next week with a breakeven of 144.
In his next 3 games he plays GWS, Gold Coast and Melbourne leading up to the bye. If he can’t score well in these games then something serious is wrong.

Brett Goodes is BACK! Averaging 79.4 points per game and the two games will have given him a chance to recharge. If you held him, great! You now have a terrific number 6 defender.

Tom Lynch had a fantastic game against GWS scoring 165. He looks like he has found a role in the Adelaide side with the exclusions of Walker and Tippett. However it is doubtful he will score this highly on a regular basis. HOLD on making this trade.


Ollie Wines has been a fantastic rookie player to start this season. He has done everything we could have hoped for, but now is the time to trade him out and maximise his value. He will start the next round with a breakeven of 99 and will likely lose more money over the next few weeks.

Hamish Hartlett has a breakeven of 205. Even if he has a decent game his value is going to crash even further. Jump onto a consistent defender who will score good scores. If you jumped off Bryce Gibbs, he should be back this week should be your number 1 target.

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