Believe they Hype – Round 6

Believe they Hype – Round 6

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

1) IN – Hamish Hartlett for OUT- Bryce Gibbs
I understand this trade, but struggle to agree with trading premium for premium. Hartlett has been on of the best defenders this season. He predominantly plays through the midfield and with his leg can kick goals comfortably from 50 out. Another positive is he has a breakeven of only 47 meaning he should increase in value. If you are in the boat of having B.Goodes, Gibbs, Heppell, Pittard i’d recommend trading out the two rookies. A classic downgrade and upgrade combination. If Josh Saunders is named on friday night in the starting 21 jump on him. Vlaustin is another good option, but we do not know whether he will be the vest candidate. Whereas with Saunders we will.

Top 5 Ins and out
1 Hartlett, H 6.80%
2 Mayes, S 5.16%
3 Vlastuin, N 4.52%
4 Birchall, G 4.49%
5 Gawn, M 4.06%

1 Gibbs, B 16.96%
2 Goodes, B 10.11%
3 Pittard, J 6.65%
4 Walker, T 4.71%
5 Fyfe, N 4.10%

THE OPTIONS: Unfortunately for many of us, our well thought out trading plans have been halted with half our defence decimated by injury and suspension.

This is reflected by 3 of the top INS/OUTS are defenders.

If you have the luxury to trade in Gawn, you are incredibly lucky. He looks like a fantastic ruck prospect and should get plenty of games this season for the Dees.

Rookies on the Bubble.
This is how I rate the rookies under $200,000 leading into round 6
1) Max Gawn (RUCK), (2 Games) $108,500 B/E -73
2) Josh Saunders (DEF/MID) (1 Game) $102,700 B/E -13
3) Nick Vlastuin (DEF/MID) (1 Game) $147,700 B/E -12
4) Michael Evans (MID) (3 Games) $180,400 B/E -67
5) Sam Kerridge (MID) (2 Games) $108,500 B/E -43

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Jesse Lonergan gets his debut for the Gold Coast Suns. He is a hard bodied young tasmanian midfielder who could come into our sides in the next few weeks.

Max Gawn looks terrific as a forward/ruckman in the Demons side. Unlucky for DreamTeams he is only classified as a Ruck. He looks to have a position in the side as long as Mitch Clark is out.

Josh Saunders came off the bench as the substitute and looked terrific against the Swans. If he is named on the field for the Friday night game, JUMP ON!

Nick Vlastuin truly had a game of two halfs. He barely saw the ball after halftime and that creates doubt in my mind whether he can run out a whole game. Looks like a great player to add spark into the game late as the substitute.

Evans is a solid player, I still doubt his long term security but even after his third game proce increase his break-even is hard to resist.

Sam Kerridge should remain in the crows side until Nathan Van Berlo is back from injury. He is playing a tagging role that might dilute his scoring potential.

What are your thoughts? Who are you bringing in and trading out this week?

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