Fantasy Hold’em Round 5 review

Fantasy Hold’em Round 5 review

Fantasy Hold'em

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Marc Murphy is my “BIG CALL” of the week. He is a must in every AFL DreamTeam this week. At only $527,800 he has a breakeven of 92 and has average 114 over the last 3. Murphy looks to have overcome the injuries that were restricting him in the early rounds and has a fantastic draw coming up. Games against Melbourne, St. Kilda, Port Adelaide, Brisbane and GWS Giants in the next 5 games, Murphy has the potential to return to his form of 2011 where Murphy ended the season averaging 111.4 ppg.

Bryce Gibbs has a low level hamstring injury and may miss 1-2 weeks. He is the number 1 traded OUT player thus far with 7.58% of all trades removing him from their sides. WHY? If you’re short on cover look at this as an opportunity to downgrade a Port Adelaide backs if they are not playing, i.e. Pittard. Gibbs is a gun and will be back. Yes we have 2 trades a week, but that is 2 trades lost trading him in and out during the most important time in cash cow milking season. If you waste trades now you will miss out on the milky bar later.
Milky Bar kid

How things change in a week. Westhoff had a terrible week scoring 45 and goes into this round with a break even of 150. Jump off now while his price is sky high and enjoy the coin you’ve made over the last few weeks.

Brett Deledio struggles to handle to hard tag. He has a breakeven of 165 and is priced at $535,400. Sideways trade to Marc Murphy or Jobe Watson this week and rectify your mistake of thinking he could take his fantasy scoring to the next level consistently.

Max Gawn (BE -73), Marco Paparone (BE -50), Sam Kerridge (BE -43) and Setanta O’Hailpin are all on the bubble this week having played two games each.

Max Gawn looks to have found a role as a forward replacing Mitch Clark and also in the Ruck where his size gives him an incredible advantage. He has had knee reconstructions in the past, but for a short term cash grab he looks like a solid option.

Setanta O’Hailpin appears to have replaced Patton in the Giants attack. He is a good serviceable player who potentially could average 60 points a game. Another advantage is his forward/ruck availability making him an ideal option if you missed Sam Rowe.

Brett Goodes is suspended for two weeks! What should I do? HOLD HIM! He has been a fantastic rookie selection. He is averaging 79.4 points per game and the two games off might give him a good chance to enjoy the 2 weeks resting to come back fit and ready to go. If you are in trouble with a lack of options to play in defence with injuries to Duffield and Gibbs, trade out one of the Port Adelaide 3 who is not playing (Pittard, Stevenson and Heath) to Nick Vlaustin who had a great first half but faded badly in the second half. He should be better for the experience.

If you still have Matt Jones from the Demons HOLD him. He looks to be one of the main Demons starting 3 midfielders. He was in at the centre bounce more than Evans and should be considered a lock for at least a few more weeks.

If you still have Kane Mitchell luck may be on your side. Jackson Trengove has had surgery on his foot and will be added to the long term injury list. Meaning Kane Mitchell would be in pole position for an upgrade.

If you have Scott Lycett, Jimmy Toumpas or Lachie Plowman you should be looking for other price making rookie options.
Mark Blicavs while not an urgent trade, should be looked at being moved on when possible. I would consider Gawn to Blicavs one of my trades of the week.

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