Believe the Hype – Round 5 Preview

Believe the Hype – Round 5 Preview

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

1) IN – Evans for OUT- Viney
I am still unsure about Evans long term job security, however with a break-even of -104 he is going to make you cash quick and is worth the trade down from Viney considering the extra trades this season.

Top 5 Ins and out
1 Mayes, S 14.57%
2 Evans, M 13.54%
3 Cloke, T 4.36%
4 Birchall, G 3.46%
5 Wines, O 2.01%

1 Viney, J 9.82%
2 Varcoe, T 4.09%
3 Mitchell, K 3.65%
4 Crouch, B 3.12%
5 Patton, J 2.55%

This week if you have the luxury of not having injuries you should still be looking to bring in rookies who will increase in value. Here are my top five in order of importance who are under $200k

1) Sam Mayes (MID/FWD), (2 Games) Value $152,200 B/E -78
2) Michael Evans (MID), (2 Games) Value $108,500 B/E -104
3) Max Gawn (RUCK), (1 Game) Value $108,500 B/E -97
4) Setanta O’Hailpin (RUCK/FWD) (1 Game) Value $141,600 (1 Game) B/E – 55
5) Jack Hutchins (DEF), (3 Games) Value $160,300 B/E -42

Mayes is a terrific player selected with the Lions first selection pick 8. He is a smooth player with good skills. Mayes as a junior highlighted his team first mentality leading the U18 SA team in pressure acts, a statistic looked upon favourably in any AFL side. He also has the ability to drift between midfield and forward and make himself a dangerous target.

Evans is a solid player, I doubt his long term security but his break-even is hard to resist.

Gawn and O’Hailpin are good ruck options to replace Blicavs who looks to have hit the wall. O’Hailpin should play more games now Patton is out injured with an ACL for the season. He could be a great buy as a forward/ruck. Gawn is a tall promising player who has been highly touted by the Demons over the past few seasons. Watch his game this week before deciding who to select.

Hutchins looks to have a set role in the Suns defence and despite already playing 3 games and increasing in value he is still a solid option.

What are your thoughts? Who are you bringing in and trading out this week?

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