Fantasy Hold’em – Round 4 Review

Fantasy Hold’em – Round 4 Review

Fantasy Hold'em

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Justin Westhoff who would have funk it! What a start to the season, averaging 128.8 points per game after the first 4. He is now the most expensive forward and has the second highest average in the game. He looks terrific drifting between a deep forward to the half back line finding possession everywhere he goes. At $521,500 and a breakeven of 53 he has almost hit his maximum.

Kane Cornes is rolling back the clock. An old favourite for many DreamTeamers, Cornes is now the number 1 ranked player in the game averaging 129.8 and is still only valued at $548,600. The positive to this is that when Port looked to shutdown Ablett they went with Cassisi who looked fantastic in the lockdown role. This is a good sign for DreamTeamers with Kane allowed to play his natural run and spread game.

Michael Evans (BE -104), Sam Mayes (BE -78) and Taylor Duryea (BE -64) are all on the bubble this week having played two games each. Mayes as a forward/midfielder despite being priced at $152,200 looks fantastic and should be one you consider as a downgrade target. Possibly for a rookie or mid-pricer who looks to have reached his max.

Brent Moloney goes into round 5 with a breakeven of 73 this weekend. He has had a solid season average of 86.25 and comes up against his former side Melbourne on the weekend at the GABBA. HOLD onto him for at least one more week if you can. He should destroy the Dees this weekend and provide you with that last solid score before you upgrade or downgrade him next week.

Majak Daw looked promising before suffering concussion. His score of 23 at his price of $108,500 is not that big of a problem, he should get more game time and is definetly one to consider if you do not have him over the next few weeks.

Jack Viney only has a breakeven of 29 this week and should still increase in value. If he is your only trade option, a trade down to Evans will make you a quick 80k.

Toby Greene is one to watch. Hold on pulling the trigger yet, but at $419,400 and a breakeven of 105 he could be a bargain buy next week if he performs well.

Dayne Zorko is valued at $418,800 and has fallen in price by $69,000 so far this year. He looked to be back in good form last week with a score of 88. However with a season average of 66.5 per game and a breakeven of 113 it is worth holding for at least one more week.

Lachie Whitfield is a fantastic young player. He has a breakeven of only 32 this week but has been a yoyo performer this season. His season average of 67.75 is good and an increase of $72,600 is solid, but if you have no one else to trade take the opportunity to bring in Mayes or Evans this week who are on the bubble and will increase in value beyond Whitfield.

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