DreamTeam 101: Lesson Learnt. (Round 3)

DreamTeam 101: Lesson Learnt. (Round 3)

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DreamTeam 101 looks at what we have learnt from the weekends action.

Lesson 1 – Don’t take the Media’s word as gospel.

Throughout the week it was reported in Adelaide that there was a strong possibility that Ollie Wines might be the starting sub in the POWER v CROWS Showdown on Sunday afternoon. Obviously this was not the case and his replacement in my team was Lachie Whitfield. Wines would go onto score 126 while Whitfield would score 36 a differential of 90 and the difference in my case of being in the top 200 to now outside the top 1000.

Lesson 2 – Go with your gut, you are probably right!

WIth two trades a week, you can afford to be ruthless. The biggest trade i’ve made this season was to cut Dayne Zorko after round 1 for Josh Kennedy. Zorko after a great preseason, has looked lost at times on the field and is struggling with the extra attention. His price dropped -$47,100 this weekend and he has a huge breakeven this week of 134. After averaging only 59.3 in the first 3, if he can recapture his form he will be a cheap pick up in 2 weeks with his value under $400,000.

Kennedy on the other hand has increased in value by $63,400 and has a breakeven of -12 He has averaged 103 points per game this season and could be almost equal value to Zorko in 2 weeks. In the two weeks i’ve had Kennedy he has scored 97 and 113 = 210 while Zorko only managed 75 and 51 = 126 a difference of 84 points in two rounds.

Lesson 3 – Teams playing the Easy-Beats score well (Giants, Dogs and Dees).

Demons lack defensive pressure and there games are end to end and non competitive. 6 West Coast players on the weekend scored above 112 with Scott Selwood leading the way with 142. It is almost at the stage where you are looking at the fixture to see who Melbourne are playing when deciding who to bring into your squad.

St. Kilda had an even spread across there players with 10 players scoring above 80. Armitage was the star with 136 DreamTeam and 175 SuperCoach points. Jack Stevens also continued to impress and is one to watch.

The Tigers had 9 players score over 88 and 3 score above 119. Martin (144) lead the field with Deledio (135) and Cotchin (119) looking impressive. The Dogs had been impressive with Lower and Picken doing good tagging roles but teams with good midfield depth will score highly against them.

Gold Coast in my opinion has started the season okay and appear to be competing for longer against sides. The top scorer against them this round was Pearce Hanley with 108 and only 5 players scored over 90.

Lesson 4 – Midprice form is still a gamble.
Chasing scores can be problematic. Two examples of this on the weekend were Justin Westhoff and Tom Liberatore both had started the season scoring 100+ points in their first 2 games. Westhoff continued that form into the Showdown and was unlucky not to win the Showdown Medal scoring 140 to bring his season average to 131.3. His price also increased by $68,800 with a breakeven of -20 this weekend against the Suns. Liberatore backed up consecutive games of 120 with 46 against the Tigers.

What lessons have you learnt over the first 3 rounds?

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