Fantasy Hold’em – Round 3 Review

Fantasy Hold’em – Round 3 Review

Fantasy Hold'em

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Andrew Swallow looks to have taken his game to the next level. Owned by 9.16% of Coaches, he continually racks up possession in the first 3 rounds averaging 126.33 points per game to start the season. At his price of $557,300 and a BreakEven of 91 now is the time to make the call and jump on him before his price explodes.

Travis Boak has started the season terrifically averaging 110 points per game and showing us why he is so highly rated down at Alberton. at $463,500 and with a BreakEven of 46 he could be a real unique in your side. Currently owned by only 2.61% of Coaches.

Brad Crouch (B/E -61), Dean Terlich (B/E -70), Sam Rowe (B/E -71), Jackson Merrett (B/E -61), Callum Sinclair (B/E -53) and Jack Hutchins (B/E -57) are all on the bubble this week having played two games each. My preference would be to target Terlich if you did not start the season with him. He looks like a solid 60+ contributor in defence and should get plenty of game time and ball in his area in a disappointing Melbourne side.

Gary Ablett has had a slower than expected start to 2013 averaging 108 points per game, and his value may fall under $600,000, however that does not mean jump off. Hold the faith he has a reletively good run with Port Adelaide, GWS, Fremantle (Crowley) and Melbourne in his next 4.

Justin Westhoff appears to have been given the freedom under new Power Coach Ken Hinkley to roam between Forward and Back. His scores to start the season have been amazing, leading the league with an average of 131.3 points per game. With his price at $463,600 he is already now one of the premium DreamTeam forwards. He is one to watch.

Travis Varcoe
Travis Varcoe was never a great selection to start with and his season has now been compunded with another shoulder injury on the weekend. After scoring 12 in limited game time, you should be looking to trade him out ASAP.

Kane Mitchell goes back onto the POWER Rookie List after 3 games as the SUB. Trade him out this week if you have him.

Matthew Kreuzer has looked fantastic so far this season. I myself was happy to have him in my round 1 side, with scores of 114 and 91 to start the season. However now after being subbed out of the game early on 21 with a broken thumb that is expected to be 6-8 weeks, you cannot afford to hold him. I have 3 options i’m currently considering. Trading him across to Goldstein who has also seemed to have rediscovered his 2011 form. Alternatively placing Cox back into the ruck and bringing in Franklin who has an achievable breakeven of 100. The second option is to bring in Marc LeCras at $355,400 wearing an arm guard on the broken arm, who is on the bubble this week after only missing 1 week with a broken arm and a breakeven of 47 will be around the $400,000 price range in two weeks.


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