Fantasy Hold’em – Round 1 Complete

Fantasy Hold’em – Round 1 Complete

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Fantasy Hold'em
We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Bryce Gibbs
Bryce Gibbs scored 133 on the weekend. If you are the 1 in 2 coaches who does not have him, BRING HIM IN NOW as a defender.

If you don’t have Brett, Goodes (91), Jack Viney (86) and Ollie Wines (86) then you need to jump onto them ASAP. All look to have prominent roles within their respective sides and all look like having big season.

Goodes dominated across halfback with 24 touches and 7 marks. Both Wines and Viney broke an AFL record with 16 contested possessions in an AFL debut.

Brent Moloney at only 309,800 was always going to be a great pick-up and did not disappoint with 96 in a losing Brisbane side. This highlights his ability to win his own ball.

Port Defenders – Stevenson (74), Pittard (62) and Heath (58) all had good games in the opening round clash against the Dees. Pittard looks the most likely to hold his spot for the entire season, with Stevenson not far behind. Heath may struggle to retain his position once Dom Cassisi, Alipate Carlile and Robbie Gray come back into the 22.

Photo by: Quinn Rooney; published on
Photo by: Quinn Rooney; published on

If Matthew Leunenberger at $233,600 is back this week consider bringing him into your side.

Andrew Swallow looked very impressive in his sides loss to the Magpies on Sunday scoring a round high 141. At $528,800 he is a unique option to the cooky cutter midfielders most Coaches have. Wait one more week and possibly jump on for a few weeks as his price rises and allows you to upgrade to a falling uber premium.

Matthew Kreuzer has always been a DreamTeam tease for many coaches. On the weekend he scored 114 against one of the best ruckman in the game Ivan Maric and looked to dominate at stages. His agility for a 200cm + player is phenomenal and his work rate throughout the game was tremendous. It is worth waiting one more week to see whether this is Kruezer taking the next step or just one out of the box.

I’ve noticed on the Assistant Coach many people have traded Dayne Beams. Reverse the trade and leave him in your side, he will be a star!

Getty Images Robert Cianflone file photo
Getty Images Robert Cianflone file photo

Arryn Siposs one of my favourites on this blog started with a solid 80 on the weekend. Keep an eye on his form next week. READ SIPOSS HYPELIST.

Hold Robinson (21), Zorko (52), Franklin (73) and Greene (37) for one more week, you can sell them before their price fall next week.

Shaun Higgins at $396,200 and coming off a score of 115 looks like a fantastic buy, but if history has taught us anything, injury and a low score are usually just around the corner.

Lachie Whitfield will be a fantastic player and showed glimpses on the weekend. But at $183,700 he needs to score higher. Downgrade to a rookie you missed (Viney, Wines, O’Meara, Jones, Kommer) or to Brad Crouch who looks set to debut this weekend.

Travis Varcoe
Travis Varcoe scored 53 points on the weekend. He just does not seem to find enough of the ball and you should look to upgrade to Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast) who has a negative break-even of -33.

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