Fantasy Hold’em Round 1 – Week 1 (Call, Hold, Fold)

Fantasy Hold’em Round 1 – Week 1 (Call, Hold, Fold)

Mark-LeCras-West-Coast-Eagles-628x387Mark LeCras suffers another injury setback
We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.

Brent Stanton had a terrific first half of 2012 before slowing down. Up until Round 9 he was the leading point scorer in AFL DreamTeam. Stanton produced a fantastic spread and receive game scoring 115 DT and 117 SC. At his price of $548,900 he is sure to increase his price throughout the year. Make the Call now and jump on early.

Michael Barlow played 24 games in 2012. Starting Sub in first two games 52 and 67. From round 3 to the semi final he averaged 100.5, He has the potential to be a low priced premium who turns into an uber. Get on why his price is low.

Those who decided on selecting Nick Kommer were proven right with an impressive game of 60 DT and 70 SC. He also managed to avoid the vest, a worry for many Coaches.

Michael Hibberd looks fantastic in SuperCoach with a score of 90, but only 66 in DreamTeam playing a tighter defensive role. Watch his second game before deciding whether he gets the AXE.

Danyle Pearce was impressive on the weekend and looks to have a loose role along the wing. He scored 99 DT and 130 SC but it is worth holding off one week to see whether this form will translate through to the season.

Cheaper Premiums Dangerfield (51 DT & 63 SC) and Scott Selwood (71 DT & 81 SC) were disappointing, but worth persisting with for at least one more week.

Mark LeCras who was one of the most picked forwards this season has broken his arm. His score of 82 DT and 91 SC in 3 quarters highlight how good he can be in Fantasy Football, however with 2 trades per week in DreamTeam and 30 in SuperCoach he is not worth holding onto for 4-6 weeks. Watch the form of Jack Watts who could be good value in SuperCoach at that awkward midprice level and also consider a downgrade to LeCras teammate Josh Kennedy for the reasons mentioned above.

Photo by: Quinn Rooney; published on
Photo by: Quinn Rooney; published on
Matthew Leuenberger has not even played a game yet this season, however the stress of “will he, won’t he!” has done my head so i’ve decided to fold altogether for now. Going with Cox who is locked in and Maric as my combination. Sam Rowe will get a place on my Forward Bench. If Leuenberger does perform well on his return I will move Cox forward and he will go into my Rucks.

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy Hold’em Round 1 – Week 1 (Call, Hold, Fold)

  1. Hi,
    Good article, but better to have a fwd scoring rookie, cash him out, then move Cox forward and bring in the Berger??

    1. Rowe is expected to play round 1, thus will be a scoring rookie. The problem with the forward line is that there are only a handful of rookies playing under $150k. Macaffer, Rowe and Neade. That is all and Neade is a likely Vest candidate.

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