The Premium: Forwards

The Premium: Forwards

Will Buddy remain the top DreamTeam Forward in 2013?
Will Buddy remain the top DreamTeam Forward in 2013?

Knowing what Premiums to select can be the biggest battle in AFL DreamTeam. You need to get these players into your starting side as soon as possible to maximise the points you score each round. Below is a look at 6 Forwards that could potentially be your final six premiums by seasons end.

#NOTE: For this task I have excluded all the dual position Ruck/Forwards (Cox, Roughead, Ryder, Naitanui).

Premium Forwards

1) Steve Johnson – $501,700
Johnson, despite missing the first game, in my opinion is the best forward option in AFL Fantasy: DreamTeam. Johnson acknowledged while on commentarty during the Cat’s first tri-series game that he has spent the preseason training with the midfield group and expects to play 80% Midfield/20% Forward this season. Last year despite being substituted with a score of 1 against the Crows in round 18, he averaged 97.4 ppg.

Potential Average: 105 ppg

2) Tom Rockliff – $481,700
After spending most of the season as a forward. A position he played as a junior, his average fell from 112 to 93 with the change of role. With the return of Johnathan Brown, Rockliff should move back into the midfield and become a point scoring machine in 2013.

Potential Average: 105 ppg

3) Lance “Buddy” Franklin – $521,300
Franklin is the highest scoring key position player in the game. His ability to play up the ground and find space makes it almost impossible for defenders to restrict his output. This allows him to regularly score well, unlike many other key position forwards. Despite only playing 16 games because of injury, Buddy still managed to be an effective DreamTeam selection last season. In the last 3 seasons he has averaged 101.3 (12′), 101.6 (11′) and 99.4 (10′). Last season we saw a drop in output from Travis Cloke who was in contract negotiations. Franklin unlike Cloke should handle this pressure and his game should be unaffected.

Potential Average: 100 ppg

4) Dayne Zorko – $487,800
Zorko was outstanding last season, coming in mid-year at a rookie price and scoring higher than most of our premiums. His defensive pressure between half forward and centre is almost unmatched in the Lions side. He also can accumulate the footy and score goals. The perfect DreamTeam combination. Zorko also averaged 6 tackles a games last season. Thats 24 points just from defensive work. He in my opinion is worth every cent of his $487,800 price tag. Jump on early!

Potential Average: 95 ppg

5) Dale Thomas – $480,000
Thomas average dropped last season as he fell from 103 to 93. He was overtaken in the Magpies midfield by Beams and Sidebottom. His best game of the season was against the Gold Coast in round 10, with Swan out and Pendlebury injured early Thomas accumulated the ball all day and scored 133. One has to wonder whether Thomas who reportedly had a close relationship with Mick Malthouse struggled to deal with the loss of his coach, or whehter the natural progression of the Magpies younger midfielders spread the possession of the ball across the team. Regardless even at last seasons average Thomas is a top 6 forward in 2013.

Potential Average: 95 ppg

6) Mitch Robinson -$478,600
The Tasmanian native backed up his impressive 2011 average of 92.2 in 2012 with a similar average of 92.8. Robinson scrapes into my top 6 only because at his very best he is one of the highest forward scorers. Robinson is a yo-yo player. He does have extremely good games where he can score highly, 146 against Melbourne in Round 9 but also lows 39 against Essendon in round 21. In total last season in his 18 games he scored 9 times over 100 but also 5 times under 68 including 3 games under 54. This is due to his role in the team. He can be used as a defensive lockdown player at times where he will play an effective role that is not advantageous to DreamTeam scoring. My advice is to watch his preseason and see whether Mick plays him in the lockdown role. If he is free to play his natural game he is a ball magnet and lock in most sides.

Potential Average: 92 ppg


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