AFL Fantasy Elite – Top 50 #UPDATED

AFL Fantasy Elite – Top 50 #UPDATED

AFL Fantasy
AFL Fantasy

As a fan of the Draft version of the game many people are starting to consider arranging their AFL Fantasy Elite pre selection list.

These rankings are based on a squad size of 15 players with 10 teams in the league. One of the most common formations is 3 Def/4 Mid/1 Ruck/3 Fwd -4 Bench

My advice when drafting early is if you miss out on Cox or Maric as early ruck selections, avoid selecting a ruck until later in the draft. You only need one ruckman and there are at least 13 Ruckman who can score 80 plus (Cox, Maric, Roughead, Goldstein, McEvoy, Jacobs, Minson, Mumford, Giles, McIntosh, Bellchambers, Kreuzer and Leuenberger.) Note I intentionally avoided Jolly.

Make sure you select a midfielder with one of your first 2 selections as these are crucial as a captain choice.

1 Dane Swan MID
2 Gary Ablett MID
3 Trent Cotchin MID
4 Scott Pendlebury MID
5 Brendon Goddard DEF
6 Mathhew Boyd MID
7 Lance Franklin FWD
8 Dean Cox RUC
9 Dayne Beams MID
10 Marc Murphy MID

11 Bryce Gibbs DEF
12 Tom Rockliff FWD
13 Patrick Dangerfield MID
14 Scott Thompson (Adel) MID
15 Steve Johnson FWD
16 Jobe Watson MID
17 Jack Grimes DEF
18 Joel Selwood MID
19 Brett Deledio DEF
20 Dayne Zorko FWD

21 Ivan Maric RUC
22 Dyson Heppell DEF
23 Beau Waters DEF
24 Jimmy Bartel FWD
25 Dale Thomas FWD
26 Mitch Robinson FWD
27 Grant Birchall DEF
28 Jack Redden MID
29 Josh P. Kennedy (Syd) MID
30 Brent Stanton MID

31 Nathan Fyfe MID
32 Sam Mitchell MID
33 Dustin Martin FWD
34 Steele Sidebottom MID
35 Heath Shaw DEF
36 Cyril Rioli FWD
37 Andrew Swallow MID
38 Matthew Wright FWD
39 Jordan Lewis FWD
40 Jarryd Roughead RUC

41 Nic Naitanui RUC
42 Matthew Pavlich FWD
43 Toby Greene MID
44 Hamish Hartlett DEF
45 Kieran Jack MID
46 Heath Scotland DEF
47 Ryan O’Keefe MID
48 Michael Barlow MID
49 Sam Jacobs RUC
50 Paul Chapman FWD

51 Matt Suckling DEF

Just outside the top 50 are Greg Broughton, Matt Priddis, Ryan Griffen, Adam Goodes, Ryan O’Keefe, Shane Tuck, Matt Priddis, Danny Stanley, Scott Selwood, Ben McEvoy, Jed Adcock, Matthew Leuenberger, Sam Jacobs, Harley Bennell and Patrick Ryder

Disagree? Have a question of why I put a player in a certain spot? Ask below in the comment box. Where would you have players ranked? Comment Below and Retweet if you like this article.


3 thoughts on “AFL Fantasy Elite – Top 50 #UPDATED

  1. 11 player starting teams – why play (and comment on) such a lite version of footy? Footy is 18 on 18 afterall.

  2. I would comment on this form of the AFL Fantasy Elite (Draft Version) of the competition because it is the most commonly selected version.

    This is fantasy football not real football.

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