The Lookout – NAB Rd 1/Wk 2 – Friday Night Preview

The Lookout – NAB Rd 1/Wk 2 – Friday Night Preview

Week two of the NAB Cup will see the remaining 9 teams get their seasons underway. Below are the teams and in BOLD will be players I believe are worth watching out for in this seasons AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach.

NAB CUP ROUND ONE: Etihad Stadium (Friday, February 22)

North Melbourne, v Melbourne (6.45pm EDT), Melbourne v Richmond (7.50pm EDT), Richmond v North Melbourne (8.55pm EDT)

 – 1. Jesse Hogan, 2. Nathan Jones, 4. Jack Watts, 5. Jimmy Toumpas, 6. Chris Dawes, 7. Jack Viney, 8. James Frawley, 10. Shannon Byrnes, 12. Colin Sylvia, 13. Jordie McKenzie, 14. Lynden Dunn, 15. David Rodan, 17. Sam Blease, 19. James Strauss, 20. Colin Garland, 21. Cameron Pedersen, 22. James Magner, 25. Tom McDonald, 26. Daniel Nicholson, 27. Tom Gillies, 28. Joel Macdonald, 30. James Sellar, 31. Jack Grimes, 32. Michael Evans, 34. Dean Kent, 36 Aaron Davey, 38. Jeremy Howe, 39. Neville Jetta, 40. Mark Jamar, 42. Jake Spencer, 45. Matt Jones, 46. Dean Terlich, 47. Tom Couch, 48. Jack Fitzpatrick

Melbourne Preview: The Dees have a whole heap of players with Dream Team and SuperCoach relevance in 2013. After a poor season last year, where at times they struggled to even gain possession of the ball, Melbourne should look to improve. The inclusion of big off-season recruits Dawes and Gillies should act as bookends through the spine and straighten up the Dees. The inclusion of Rodan and Byrnes also adds experience through the middle. We also get to see Tall Forward Jesse Hogan who is not eligible to play this season as he was recruited through the GWS Mini-Draft.

Fantasy Watch The big rookie to watch is Dean Terlich who has come to the Dees as a mature age recruit from Norwood Football Club, SA. He was a major part in the sides 2012 SANFL premiership and we have seen in recent years with the likes of Duigan, Puopolo and Morris some fantastic mature players can be found in the SANFL. Also on the radar is Shannon Byrnes whose move from Geelong should provide more game time and as a cheap forward option in both SuperCoach and DreamTeam he is one to watch. My lock for the back six this year is Jack Grimes (Read Here Why). Get on him while he is still reasonably priced.

1. Daniel Currie, 2. Brad McKenzie, 3. Ryan Bastinac, 4. Liam Anthony, 5. Ben Jacobs, 6. Lachlan Hansen, 7. Jack Ziebell, 8. Daniel Wells, 9. Andrew Swallow, 10. Ben Cunnington, 11. Michael Firrito, 12. Lindsay Thomas, 14. Jordan Gysberts, 15. Luke Delaney, 16. Scott Thompson, 17. Nathan Grima, 18. Shaun Atley, 19. Sam Wright, 20. Drew Petrie, 22. Todd Goldstein, 23. Kieran Harper, 24. Levi Greenwood, 25. Robbie Tarrant, 28. Will Sierakowski, 29. Brent Harvey, 30. Tom Curran, 31. Cameron Delaney, 34. Jamie Macmillan, 35. Aaron Black, 38. Majak Daw, 41. Aaron Mullett, 42. Scott McMahon, 43. Sam Gibson, 46. Ben Speight

North Melbourne Preview:
North should be up and around the 8 once again in 2013. Big wins against Geelong and Adelaide showed that North have the capabilities to be a genuine finals contender.

Fantasy Watch Two players I think will be on the radar this season are Shaun Atley and new recruit Ben Jacobs (Read Here: Mid-Price Mayhem Defenders) Former first round draft choice Jordan Gysberts has moved to North Melbourne and is one to watch. Also watch the form of big-man Todd Goldstein. We have seen in the past when Hamish McIntosh was injured that he could rack up big dream team numbers.

1. Chris Newman, 3. Brett Deledio, 4. Dustin Martin, 5. Brandon Ellis, 6. Shaun Grigg, 7. Matt Dea, 8. Jack Riewoldt, 9. Trent Cotchin, 10. Shane Edwards, 11. Jake Batchelor, 12. David Astbury, 13. Ricky Petterd, 14. Bachar Houli, 15. Chris Knights, 16. Luke McGuane, 18. Alex Rance, 20. Ivan Maric, 21. Shane Tuck, 23. Daniel Jackson, 24. Ben Griffiths, 26. Robin Nahas, 27. Aaron Edwards, 29. Ty Vickery, 30. Reece Conca, 31. Nick Vlastuin, 35. Matt White, 36. Matt McDonough, 37. Orren Stephenson, 38. Steven Morris, 39. Tom Derickx, 43. Todd Elton, 44. Matthew Arnot, 45. Brett O’Hanlon, 49. Steven Verrier

Richmond Preview: Surely for the long time suffering Tigers Fans this is the year they take the next step and become genuine finals contenders. With class all across the field from former first round picks in Deledio, Cotchin, Martin, Conca and Ellis. The mullet Ivan Maric in the Ruck and a star full forward in Jack Riewoldt. Plus the inclusion of free agent Troy Chaplin in defence and Chris Knights on a half forward flank/wing 2013 could finally be the year the Tigers live up to the hype.

Fantasy Preview:You can’t go past Trent Cotchin who became a DreamTeam and SuperCoach star last season (Read here: The Premium: Midfield). Ivan Maric was a standout in the ruck, becoming a genuine all round Ruckman (read here: The Premium: ruckman). Of the rookies it’s worth watching Vlastuin who appears to be AFL ready. In the past few seasons the Tigers have been prepared to play rookies (Morris, Ellis and Conca) straight away, making him a good option.


2 thoughts on “The Lookout – NAB Rd 1/Wk 2 – Friday Night Preview

  1. Couch only had 6 touches and is the same price as Jimmy Toumpas, who looks ready to go and will get early game time. Also Ben Jacobs who moved from Port Adelaide to North Melbourne also looked impressive.

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