The Premium: 6 Top Defenders

The Premium: 6 Top Defenders

Knowing what Premiums to select can be the biggest battle in AFL DreamTeam. You need to get these players into your starting side as soon as possible to maximise the points you score each round. Below is a look at 6 Defenders that could potentially be your final six premiums by seasons end.

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Defenders Premium

1) Brendon Goddard

When he is at the top of his game he is arguably one of the best and most influential players on the ground. The move to Essendon should reenergise BJ and allow him to reach the heights of St.Kilda’s consecutive Grand Final appearances. With more time spent in the midfield and a renewed optimism, BJ should be the first player picked in your side in 2013.
Potential Average – 100-105

2) Jack Grimes
Despite a perceived poor year by many, Grimes grew throughout the year as Captain and had his most consistent season to date. Only missing 1 game throughout the year, Grimes averaged a career high 92 ppg*. More impressively in his final 8 games of the season Grimes average 104.5 ppg* with a low of 81 in round 18 against North Melbourne and a high of 135 in Round 17 against Port Adelaide.

Melbourne according to Champion Data has the easiest draw of all 18 clubs in season 2013 and this must be strongly considered hen selecting any player. Grimes will step into the midfield more in 2013 and his numbers should remain solid, making him an ideal selection this season.
Potential Average – 95-100

3) Bryce Gibbs

After playing the season as a defender and playing the lock down role on some of the best mid-sized forwards, Gibbs averaged decreased to 92 ppg*. In 2011 Gibbs average 107 ppg* and was influential in delivering the ball inside attack. With Mick Malthouse at the Blues, you can expect a larger group of midfielders rotating through the middle, providing Gibbs the chance to show why he was the number 1 pick in the ’06 draft.
Potential Average – 95-100

4) Dyson Heppell

Now entering his 3rd season Heppell will be expected to play a larger role rotating though the midfield. Heppell is held in high regard at the Bombers finishing 2nd in their club best and fairest.

In the second half of the season he was the forth most used Essendon player in the middle. With the added support of Brendon Goddard and being surrounded by Brownlow Medalist Jobe Watson and Ball Magnet Brent Stanton, Heppell may well become the free man in the midfield and will allowed to play his natural game.
Potential Average – 90-95

5)Beau Waters
Waters demonstrated that he is not only hard at a contest, but can also be a major ball winner out of defence. Ranking 7th in the AFL for intercept marks, Waters has an ability to read the play and find space to receive and use the ball effectively. In 2012 he averaged 91.6 ppg* and is likely to repeat that again in 2013
Potential Average – 87-92

6) Grant Birchall

Birchall is a consistent high scorer in AFL DreamTeam due to his consistence, achieving over 17 possessions per game in the regular season. Hawthorns movement from defence utilises his ability to find space behind the ball and become a link in the chain moving the ball from defence to attack. However he is also adept at intercepting the ball and generating scoreboard impact on the rebound.

After being awarded the All-Australian half-back position in 2012 there is no reason to doubt Birchall achieving the same consistent results in 2013.
Potential Average – 85-90

ppg* = Points Per Game.

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