The Premium: Ruck Ranking

The Premium: Ruck Ranking

The Ruck

The Ruck can be a major problem in AFL Fantasy Elite. Mid-Price Mayhem is not an option when it comes to the Ruck. My advice is get a quality Ruckman ASAP if you are playing need to select TWO ruck men in your game. If you only need ONE and Cox and Maric are gone, wait til the later rounds, good ruckman will still be available.

The difference between having a Dean Cox scoring an average between 90-110 points per game in comparison to a lesser Ruckman whose average could variation between 30-90 with a mean of 70 points points per game can cost you around 30 points per game.

Ranking Ruckman:
1) Dean Cox
– Despite his age he is still the premium guy. His ability to find the ball is phenomenal and his ability to take a strong mark at either end of the ground will allow him to have continued longevity.
Potential average – 95-105

2) Ivan Maric – The big mullet was amazing last season, coming out of the shadows of ‘Big Sauce’ Sam Jacobs at Adelaide and down to Punt Road. He leads the line at the Tigers and with no obvious competitor for his number 1 ruck role, he should get plenty of game time. With the natural development of the Tigers side Maric should be able to maintain his average of 98.1 ppg* from last season.
Potential average – 90-100

3) Nic Naitanui – Last season we began to see Nic take the game head on and produce moments of sheer brilliance. His season was controversially recognised with an AA ruck position, but the numbers don’t lie and the time he spent in the middle he was clearly the dominant big man. He is physically one of the best Ruckman the game has ever seen. Despite offseason surgery Nic is worth the risk early as he may prove to be a game changer later in the season.
Potential average – 85-110

4) Todd Goldstein – Despite his incredibly disappointing 24 against Fremantle in Round 22 last year, he has shown that as a solo ruckman he can be one of the best in the game. With Mcintosh down at the Cattery it is now time for Goldstein to replicate his form of 2011 where he averaged 99.3 ppg*.
Potential average – 85-95

5) Shane Mumford – A surprise at 5 YES. Will many people disagree, YES. But he is worth the risk. Injury ended his 2012 first with a freak infection in his back and then an injury to his knee. Mumford sat forlornly on the bench after being subbed on Grand Final day, but the joy of a premiership and time to recover over preseason should have him refreshed and ready to go come round 1. With Kurt Tippett also at the Swans, Mumford will have more of a chance to float forward and rest on the bench, instead of carrying the burden of the entire Swans truckload. Two ruckman does not necessarily mean less points. West Coast combination is a prime example.

Others to strongly consider: Roughead, McIntosh, Ryder, Giles, Jacobs, McEvoy, Minson and Kreuzer.

Cheaper options to consider: Matthew Leunberger (Hype List), Zac Smith (No Hickey), Cameron Pedersen and Stefan Martin.

Ruckman to avoid: Aaron Sandilands (Injury Reliability), Ben Hudson (Won’t play enough games), Trent West (replaced by McIntosh), Mike Pyke (Kurt Tippett to play second ruck).

ppg* = Points Per Game.

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2 thoughts on “The Premium: Ruck Ranking

  1. Yep that was an oversight. Already wrote up on him a few days ago. He could potentially average 90. Still not in my top , but he will be in my starting squad as well as most people’s.

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