AFL Fantasy starts Today

AFL Fantasy starts Today

Every Player, Every Team

Over the next week starting tomorrow the 2nd of February i’ll be introducing a new article titled Mid-Price Mayhem. The article will focus on the players who potentially can score big scores and may slip under the radar in AFL Fantasy Elite, the new draft fantasy game.

As we head closer to the start of the AFL season i’ll also create my own guide to the players you should be looking at selecting, including those crucial rookies.

Have a look at the below link as it will go through the changes to DreamTeam and explain the new AFL Fantasy Elite.

For those who take the game seriously check out the below websites.
Also I would recommend viewing my website for updates on who to select, particularly in AFL Fantasy Elite.

Other good AFL Fantasy sources are
– On twitter @DrDreamTeam direct from AFL HQ

– @DTTalk have a fantastic website and useful resources. Deck of DreamTeam is fantastic and in season they have a live broadcast on Thursday nights of the teams plus plenty of discussion.

– @FootyUtopia have a great podcast in season, that is direct from their show on SEN.
Check Footy Utopia on the ITUNES Store.

– Buy the AFL Prospectus and register to follow the Fantasy Freako e-mail from

2013 brings a rebranding to the AFL fantasy football world with two games now available for all subscribers free on the AFL website.

AFL DreamTeam (AFL Fantasy)
The traditional fantasy game, AFL DreamTeam has been rebranded and slightly modified to encourage the casual player to stick with the game later in the season, where traditionally after they use their trades, they stop playing.

The major rule changes include:
– An increase in trades per week, from a maximum 24 a season (Max 2 per round) to a use it or lose it 2 trades per round.

– A change in the number of players in each section on the field. Traditionally we had 7 Defenders, 6 Midfielders, 2 Ruckman and 7 Forwards with 2 reserves in each line. This season we have taken away 1 Defender and Forward and moved them into the midfield to give us 6 Defenders, 8 Midfielders, 2 Ruckman and 6 Forwards with 2 reserves in each line. This is a positive move and reflects a more realistic AFL side. Plus this could lead to increase fantasy score with many of the best players being midfielders

– An increase in the bench emergencies from 3 to 4. In effect allowing you to have emergencies on every line and cover those pesky late Ruck changes that haunted many in 2012.

AFL Fantasy Elite
AFL Fantasy Elite is the rebranded version of what Assistant Coach subscribers have known as AFL Dream Team Pro, a draft based style competition that only allows one team to have one player. In a big move in the AFL fantasy community this game will allow pundits to test their knowledge of AFL squads to select those mid price players many good Dream Team players avoid like the plague in the traditional game.

I feel this is a real positive move by AFL Fantasy and could prove to be a real winner. The American Football fantasy system is based on this draft based recruiting. The live fantasy draft night can become one of the most exciting nights on the AFL Fantasy calendar as you and your friends compete for the best available player. Creating a draft party is definitely a very good option and can be a very enjoyable night with your friends hovering over their laptops selecting the cream of the crop (The closest the majority of us will get to being their on draft day). It also will be intriguing to trade players with your friends in leagues. Who will get the upper hand?

Where AFL DreamTeam can become boring with identical sides later in the season, AFL Fantasy Elite will always allow those individual head to head battles that make games come down to the wire.

My advice on when it comes to setting up your league is to setting up your draft order is to select the SNAKE draft as this is the fairest option and allows all players a chance to get good players. Surprisingly the AFL has allowed a linear draft option which in my opinion promotes inequity to the game.

Don’t forget AFL Fantasy competitions has opened today, the 1st of February with the NAB cup starting on the 15th of February. AFL footy is just around the corner.

Share your thoughts below on the topics discussed in the article and share with us your thought on the new look of our blog. All suggestions welcome.


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