Fantasy Hold’em – Round 10

Pure Domination by Buddy

We’ll help you make the decision on whether to make the CALL and pick the player up, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it and needs to face the axe.
Round 10 will be remembered for two premiums absolutely dominating.

Buddy Franklin destroyed the Kangaroos backline kicking 13 goals on his way to a record 204 DreamTeam points and 236 SuperCoach points. Another amazing display occurred in different circumstances.

Ablett on his way to 53 touches
The Gold Coast Suns on their way to a 97 point defeat would be lead by Ablett on his way to equaling with Greg Williams the all time possessions in a single game with 53 touches. This lead to a 186 DreamTeam score and a respectable 155 for SuperCoach. However his touches were to deep in he back half and the man of the match was Dale Thomas who scored 133 DreamTeam points and 159 SuperCoach points.

Ivan Maric – Who would have predicted Big Ivan to have such a good season. Averaging 117.6 DreamTeam p.p.g. over the last 5 games he is the most dominant ruck men in the game at the moment. If you have a ruck brigade full of Round 11 players such as Goldstein, Giles, Cox or McIntosh, Maric may be your man.

This is the first week of the Bye Rounds and its our advise not to trade during this time. Save your trades!

Bryce Gibbs continues to show disappointing numbers despite the absence o Carrazzo and Murphy. He is averaging only 79.7 over the last 3 games which is not enough for a premium midfielder.



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