Believe the Hype – Round 10 Preview

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

Paddy Ryder

Paddy Ryder has signed a new 4 year contract on to remain a Bomber until the end of the 2016 season. In top form he is one of the best players in the competition.


Sam Darley for Thomas Bugg?
Bring in Sam Darley – GWS
Darley appears to be an ideal selection with two promising performances despite wearing the VEST. These are the issues that I see with Sam Darley.

Trade for Thomas Bugg? I question this trade as there does not appear to be many consistent lower priced defenders. Is Sam Darley guaranteed for the rest of the season? For mine Thomas Bugg will likely average 60 and will remain as my first emergency throughout the season as he has great job security and has proven throughout the season to be highly rated by the GWS coaching staff.

What about the Round 11 Bye? If Darley fits within your round 11 bye structure bring him in immediately. You may consider waiting 2 rounds let him raise in price by $40k have his Bye and then bring him in for a Round 12/13 bye player giving you an additional option for a downgrade/cover.

Bye, Bye Magner?
The wheels have well and truely fallen of Magner. Once known as the Magnet for his ability to attract the ball, his lock down tagging role has negated his free wheeling ball winning ability. He has averaged 68.3 in his last 3 and now looks to have peaked at his present price. Hold onto magnet for two more rounds as he is ideal cover for your Round 11 bye players and will be a great player to help you upgrade to a Boyd, Thompson, Redden and Rockliff type premium after their bye.

Do we believe the HYPE?
Players from the Round 13 Bye are very attractive options. It has been worked out that the minimum amount of 0’s you can get through this year is TWO. DTTALK BYE STRUCTURE THEORY. If you manage to follow a similar structure, bring in a Gary Ablett, Mitch Robinson, Brett Deledio and Heath Scotland now! Take a proactive approach, understand we will all face 0’s and set your team up for future success later in the season.



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