Hype List – Round 8 Review

Welcome to the HYPE list, a weekly guide to who is performing to their maximum and is a must have BUY in AFL Dream Team. The HYPE list is not based on scores or value alone. Those who excel beyond their potential and become valuable to our sides will be included on the HYPE list.

The HYPE list
These players are the MUST HAVE players of the moment.

Patrick Dangerfield
Dangerfield is arguably one of the most exciting young talents in the AFL. His courage and ball extraction from a contest are elite. A combination of the bulking power of Mark Ricciuto and the ability to break a pack with sheer strength and speed of Chris Judd. He is the prototype midfielder of the modern era. Coming out of contract at the end of year, every club in Victoria will be on notice, watching his ongoing negotiations with the Adelaide Football Club. Dangerfield as a Forward/Midfielder in DreamTeam is a MUST have with scores of 140, 104, 82 and 142 it’s now or never to jump on the Danger Express.

Verdict – Don’t even think about it – CALL

Steele Sidebottom
Steele is proving to be a hard running midfielder who just continues to find himself in the open due to his superior work ethic. He has filled the void left by Luke Ball and is proving that he has what it takes to make it as a premium in AFL Dream Team. With an average of 118.8 over the last 5 rounds Sidebottom is without doubt one of the best Forwards in DreamTeam this season.

Verdict – At just over 500k he is not cheap, but worth every dollar.

Brent Stanton
WOW WEE! We had him “On the Cusp” in round 4 Believe the Hype article. He is a must have premium player in 2012. His ability to spread is unmatched and has demonstrated he is not a 1 week wonder. Averaging 152.3 over the last 3 rounds.

Verdict – Trade to him now.
Jump on NOW!


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