Believe the HYPE – Round 5

This weekly article will look at who is being HYPED this week as a MUST have buy in AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach and other HYPED issues of the week.

FOUR rounds into the AFL season and the HYPE surrounding some of our prized AFL Dream Team recruits is starting to make us wonder what we were thinking?

Trade of the Week (The Ablett Dilemma)
As of Wednesday morning the trade of the week thus far has been Gary Ablett out of teams with 12.3% saying “no no no” to Gary’s bruised knee. In order these are the top 5 options the general DT public have made on who to trade in as his replacement.

Stanton – 6,819 (5%)
Murphy – 2,603 (2%)
Swan – 1,182 (1%)
Pendlebury – 1,179 (1%)
Boyd – 981 (1%)

People who are trading now are obviously going for the CAR and want to maintain their ranking. If this is the case you need to consider two things. Firstly how does Stanton, Swan and Pendlebury fit into your Round 11/12/13 BYE structure. You will need to balance out your side with a round 13 player. Luckily two rookies appear to be in play.

The first is Port Adelaides Darren Pfeiffer. He was originally a first round draft choice by the Adelaide Crows and was only let go due to his poor attitude, not his footballing ability. He has since had a short stint at the Blues and subsequently played in the QAFL in 2010 with Southport finishing second in the leagues B&F. In 2011 he moved back home to play with Norwood in the SANFL, where he was influential in helping the side to the finals under Nathan Basset. Remember 2011 Duigan, Lower and Puopolo all came from the Norwood system under Bassett.

The second option is Kyal Horsley from the Gold Coast Suns. With Jarrod Harbrow being placed on the long term injury list Horsley is the likely candidate to take his position. Horsley is 24 and was also a winner in the WAFL B&F (Sandover Medal). Last season he averaged 24 touches a game over 23 games and has a solid mature body that should slot straight into the Suns midfield in the absense of Gary Ablett.

Brent Stanton
Averaging 134.2 this season and his 175 last weekend against arguably the best performing side leading into the round demonstrates that despite his unpopularity for his disposal, his work ethic is unquestionable at present. If you think he is worth the risk its time to make the call this round.

Answer to Dilemma: If you are going for Overall ranking – Trade, if you are focusing on your league, HOLD and just wait out the 2-3 weeks. Ablett is the Premium player in DT and you’re likely going to have to trade him back in eventually. Is it worth the trade?

Clancee Pearce

Despite only scoring 16 in round one, he has followed up with scores of 95, 115 and 109. As a Forward/Midfielder at $360,700 he is at a tempting price with many more highly touted premium forwards struggling for form. With a break-even of 5 its now or never.

VERDICT – Risky but worth the chance.

Check back weekly at this time for this column.

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