The Hype List – Round 4 Review

Welcome to the HYPE list, a weekly guide to who is performing to their maximum and is a must have BUY in AFL Dream Team. The HYPE list is not based on scores or value alone. Those who excel beyond their potential and become valuable to our sides will be included on the HYPE list.

The HYPE list
These players are the MUST HAVE players of the moment.

Brent Stanton
To borrow a line from Channel 7’s Brian Taylor WOW WEE! With opening scores of 153, 116, 93 and 175 Stanton is having a season that not many of us predicted. Last week we had him “On the Cusp” in our Believe the Hype article, this week there is no question about it. He has taken his game to another level. Despite not being known as the most effective user of the ball, due to his enormous work ethic he finds the ball when others have given up.
Jump on NOW!

Michael Barlow
If Nat Fyfe is out long term, Barlow could expect to play a more prominent role in the Dockers midfield. Scores of 99 and 109 in his last two games, after the starting the season as the SUB in the first two he is now the perfect upgrade target as a lower end premium player.
He is screaming pick me!

Lenny Hayes
Lenny proves despite his age and returning from a long term injury he still has what it takes to be a premium player. Scores of 89, 91, 126 and 112 highlight the fact he is ready to regain the spotlight as one of the best midfielders in the game. Lenny is around the mid $400’s.
It’s now or never.

Dane Swan
Solid as a rock, Swanny continues to score well with 102, 116, 109 and 134. He is slightly down on price and this will likely be as cheap as you will be able to get him. If Ablett is out he is one of the main targets for the straight swap. Put the C on Swan and you are almost certain to get a 100+ score. With ANZAC day clash this Wednesday expect Swan to step up and be a big contributor.
Almost a lock as captain every week.

Josh Kennedy (Sydney)
Sydney have done it again. Finding an absolute stellar footballer for a bargain price. 4 rounds in and he is having a breakout season. Scores of 94, 136, 94 and 95 he arguably already has 4 best on ground performances
Early Brownlow favourite?

What are your thoughts? Who would you have included? Comment below. Twitter @HYPEfooty


2 thoughts on “The Hype List – Round 4 Review

  1. Stanton and Barlow will be big ins this week.

    Only problem with Stanton is the early lockout. We might not know if Ablett is playing until after Stanton has already played.

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