Fantasy Hold’em – Round 4

This weekly column will look at the hype surrounding AFL DreamTeam players. We’ll help you make the decision on whether to Believe the Hype and make the CALL on a player, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or on whether to pick the player up and FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it.

Three rounds into the AFL season and the HYPE surrounding some of our prized AFL Dream Team recruits is starting to make us wonder what we were thinking?

Popular trade of the week thus far in AFL Dream Team
If Nat Fyfe is OUT or I don’t want to risk his injury who should I trade IN?
The question on everyones lips is who should I trade in for Nate Fyfe who was owned by 40.7% of all DreamTeamers.

The answer is fairly straight forward. If you were silly enough not to start the year with Buddy Franklin trade to him now. My advice is to bring in Mitch Robinson who is only owned by 4.3% of savvy DreamTeamers (Who likely purchased the DTTalk CHEAT SHEET) at the start of round 3. With scores of 82, 102 and 127 he is demonstrating he is one of the best DT forwards this season. This form is on the back of an average of 28 touches per game between round 10-18 last season. He was a ball winner at underage level and with Carltons form, he is likely to have plenty of chances to get the ball. The other player to consider with the round 13 BYE is Brendan Whitecross who has started the season in ominous form with scores of 98, 118 & 122.

If you’re worried about the round 13 BYE consider Dayne Beams. His price will likely fall in the next few weeks but his overall output could be the highest of the other round 12 BYE players.

My advice
1. Robinson
2. Whitecross
*This is on the assumption you already have Buddy Franklin

Question: But what if I have Fyfe in my midfield?
Well the first question I ask is why? But if you have a link player such as Kennedy or D.Smith in your midfield consider swapping them and upgrading Fyfe to a mid-priced Premium. If you don’t have the money for the Boyd/Ablett/Pendlebury/Swans of the world consider the following:

1. Jack Ziebell – 139 on return against the Cats
2. Josh P. Kennedy – Ave. 108 this season
3. Michael Barlow – Two games starting SUB, underpriced. Last game 99
4. Scott Selwood -98, 131 and 150 to start the season.
5. Luke Shuey – Ave. 107.3 this season
6. Rory Sloane – 125, 105 and 56 to start the season.

The “four seasons in one day” Award.
Awarded to the player who is perennially inconsistent.

This award goes to Greg Broughton. He has followed up his 59 and 67 with a 109 against the Lions this week. He was struggling early until Fyfe got injured and he was injected into the midfield. What can I say. At his best he is worth the risk, but i’d avoid the heartache and choose a more consistent player.
Verdict – avoid the Headache and stay away

Brent Stanton
With opening scores of 153, 116 and 93 Stanton is proving despite his unpopularity among the Essendon supporter base he potentially is one of the most unique DT Premiums of 2012 being owned by only 2.19% of teams at the start of round 3.
Very unique option

Paddy Ryder
Ryder has started the season very strongly averaging 110.3 DT points per game and is demonstrating that he has the potential to become a premium around the ground ruckman. With Hille injured for the next month Ryder will have the chance to take charge in the ruck and show the form he has in the past when given the lead responsibility.
Watch him Closely

Chad Cornes
The Chad has shown his former club that he is not a spent force. Scores of 111, 117 and 74 make him a tempting and unique selection. Physically he appears to be in the best shape of his career and arguably one of the fittest in the AFL. He has surprised not only the general football public, but the GWS coaching staff with his form this season. He could arguably be one of the highest scoring forwards this season. One last time?
Verdict – HOLD

Reece Conca
If he was not the SUB in the first game he’d have been in many more teams. With scores of 35, 85 & 138 he is playing more time in the midfield and is playing like he belongs at this level. He was pick 6 in the 2010 draft and is beginning to debunk the curse of those selected with that number. Bring him in now while his price is relatively low and the SUB score is still in play.
Verdict – CALL

Check back weekly at this time for this column.

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