The HYPE list – Round 3

Welcome to the HYPE list, a weekly guide to who is performing to their maximum and is a must have BUY in AFL Dream Team. The HYPE list is not based on scores or value alone. Those who excel beyond their potential and become valuable to our sides will be included on the HYPE list.

The HYPE list
These players are the MUST HAVE players of the moment.
Gary Ablett
What more is there to say. Ablett proves he is the most influential midfielder in the game, despite playing in a side that provides relatively little support, he proves that he is an absolute champion of our game.
Almost a lock as captain every week

Scott Selwood
The forgotten Selwood, Scott is proving that he could be one the true blotters this season. Turning 22 this season Selwood is coming into his own. No longer just a run with player he is finding plenty of his own with the support of a dominant Eagles midfield and support of two premium ruckmen. He has started the season with scores of 98, 131 & 150.
Bring him in now before his price explodes.

Matthew Boyd
Boyd racks up possessions like a fat kid in an eating contest. He is an absolute elite player and has the ability to score highly even in disappointing sides. The Dogs 0-3 start has not affected his output with scores of 116, 125 & 148 to start the year.
Lock and Load

Marc Murphy
Murphy is absolutely destroying opposition sides and starting a real debate over who is the most influential Carlton midfielder. With scores of 116, 115 and 139 and only 12.66% of coaches having him at the start of Round 3 he is definitely one to consider upgrading to in coming weeks.
Upgrade Target

Mitch Robinson
Mitch has proven that despite his unfashionable style he knows how to find the ball. He has started the season with scores of 82, 102 and 126. Those who purchased the DTTalk “Cheat Sheet” and followed the boys advice would have scored a bargain buy with Mitch looking like a premium forward in 2012.
JUMP ON NOW – Sideways trade for Nate Fyfe if injury is long-term

Brendon Goddard
Goddard has started the year in top form with scores of 96, 141 & 112. He is in the prime of his career and if he continues to be unmanned across halfback he could be one of the highest scoring defenders in recent time. Still yet to sign a new contract, his form will only boost his bargaining chips. GWS could go hard late for Goddard at seasons end.
A must have, he is in the peak of his career

Brett Deledio
Despite having an injury interrupted pre-season Deledio has rewarded those who despite a lack of hype selected him as a starting premium in 2012. With scores of 91, 140 & 109 Deledio is a must have this season.
Classy and will continue to rack up high scores

Josh Kennedy (Sydney)
Since his move to Sydney Kennedy has proven to be on the edge of becoming a premium player. After 3 rounds of the AFL season he is on the verge of a breakout season. Scores of 94, 136 and 94 we need to ask whether it’s time to jump on now while his price is still in the mid $400k?
Point of difference

Brendan Whitecross
Another to strongly consider. He demonstrated towards the end of last season and at the start of this season with scores of 98, 118 & 122 that he is a genuine option for around the $400k mark.
Swap for Fyfe?

Jonathan Giles
Former Port Adelaide player now 1st ruck for the GWS Giants has lived up to the HYPE producing scores of 90, 104 and 65 has allowed many to go into the season with a 1 premium/3 rookie ruck strategy.
Lived up to the HYPE

James Magner
Despite having an average game and only amassing 52 Dream Team points Magner has demonstrate that he is the number 1 must have rookie for the 2012 season. Not since the debut of Michael Barlow have we seen a player come into a side and not only show high DT relevance but also make a game of football so easy to play.
Potential lock as our 6th Midfielder.

What are your thoughts? Who would you have included? Comment below. Twitter @HYPEfooty


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