Fantasy Hold’em – Call, Hold or Fold – Round 3

This weekly column will look at the hype surrounding AFL DreamTeam players. We’ll help you make the decision on whether to Fantasy Hold’em and make the CALL on a player, HOLD firm in the face of poor scores or FOLD when it’s clear the player is no longer up to it.

Two rounds into the AFL season and the HYPE surrounding some of our prized AFL Dream Team recruits is starting to make us wonder what we were thinking?

The number one trade of the week thus far in AFL Dream Team has been Coniglio (GWS) to Greene (GWS). If you believe this is worth one trade I can understand considering Greene who has averaged 103 per game after the first 2 games. My consideration when making all trades are whether a trade sideways at a rookie price is going to make you 80k-100k more. My advice is that while it is unquestionable Greene has future star potential as an absolute Dream Team Gun, is it worth trading Coniglio the number 2 selection at last seasons draft who will only get better as the season progresses and could potentially rise to a 65-70 ppg average or around 300k. Coniglio also has senior experience playing in the WAFL. Most notably kicking 4-goals as a 16-year old in the WAFL Grand Final. This is important to remember as GWS do have a young side, so expect rotations throughout the year.

My advice is that if you believe in Greene as a potential 6th or first reserve midfielder or you have a rookie who is not performing to expectation JUMP ON NOW! Greene will be a gun. Otherwise hold Coniglio expect solid scores and look to upgrade to a premium for a underpriced premium.
HOLD – Coniglio & FOLD – underperforming Rookies

Greg Broughton was touted as one of the premium purchases for the 2012 season. Ross Lyon had played him through the midfield during the NAB Cup averaging 96 points per 100 minutes. However he has followed up 59 and 67 respectively playing a predominantly defensive lock down role.
Verdict – FOLD

Heath Shaw is another who continually troubles fantasy pundits with promise of being a premium player. Heath is one of the most adapt Yo-Yo players to ever play the game. Wait and see if Nick Maxwell is back in the side. This could free Shaw to play the link role. At his very best he is a brilliant player directing player. With other premiums around his price range a sideways trade to another premium is not out of the question.
Verdict – HOLD

Brian Lake similar to Shaw at his very best he is an intercept king, finding the loss ball and coming in as the 3rd man getting invaluable possessions. Given his price and experience we have decided.
Verdict – HOLD

Ian Callinan and Jason Porplyzia both crows forwards were popular selections and have both given Yo-Yo performances. Our biggest problem is that when one performs the other takes the back seat. I personally would have avoided both but could understand the appeal due to price. Depending on your circumstances, if there is a Rookie like GWS Smith and Kennedy you’ve missed think about the downgrade. Otherwise hold on a few more rounds and look for an upgrade as soon as possible.
Verdict – HOLD (for now)

James Magner was touted as the must have rookie of 2012 and thus far has lived up to the HYPE. A hard contested ball winner he is showing up his more highly touted Melbourne team mates and looks to be a long-term lock in the Demons midfield. It’s only early but he could be our Michael Barlow of a few years back and a lock as our 6th Midfielder.
Verdict – Believe the HYPE

Check back tomorrow morning for a new article titled “This isn’t mere hyperbole, this isn’t myth, this is a fact.”

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Hold’em – Call, Hold or Fold – Round 3

  1. Good call on Magner. Being a dees supporter, you can tell he has certainly strengthened our midfield and was in our best 3 players V West Coast and Brisbane.

  2. G’day mate and thanks for the comment over at my site. Really enjoyed this DreamTeam column. I’ve traded in Greene and Hargrave this week, whilst trading out Grimes (very disappointing at his price point) and A.Hall (just not good enough). Wish me luck! And great work here once again – I’ll be following. 🙂

    1. I agree with your decision to trade out Hall for Greene. I currently have Hall as my 9th forward and will likely wait and see if Adam Treloar (GWS) is worth upgrading to in a couple of weeks. Greene will increase in price over the next few weeks quite quickly and that will help you when you consider upgrading to a premium midfielder. Good Luck.

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