In the Voldt

With the long term injury to Nick Riewoldt what are our options for AFL Dream Team and SuperCoach.

– Holding Riewoldt will save you a trade, however if you don’t have adequate bench cover you could be caught losing vital points for a while.

– Look at trading to players around a similar price. Didak and Stevie J are both likely to decrease in value. It could be the time to jump on underpriced premiums, or direct swap to O’Keefe and Jonathan Brown who have started the season in HOT form.

– Downgrading to a player such as Ballentyne (Fremantle) will provide you with around an extra $200k which could be vital to upgrade that under-performing Ruckman, Midfielder or Defender.

My advice if you missed the boat on Brown or Ryan O’Keefe make the switch NOW. Don’t be affraid to admit you missed the boat originally and make the trade. Riewoldts injury is long term and even on return it is questionable whether he will be at his usual level.


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